Railing Systems

Waterproof deckIn the rainy climate we live in here in the Greater Mainland, it is important to follow a few critical design elements when doing a Railing system for decks. Since we get so much rain here, it is important to minimise leaks. Especially where the deck is above a living space.

All Railing systems mounted to the top surface of the deck are tricky to install and when done wrong can be devastating. When the screw has penetrated the waterproofing membrane of the deck, this creates possible areas of damage. Where possible, in this situation it is best for Railings to be attached to the fascia board. This mounting area is found on the side of the deck. This will see a lot less water than the top surface.

In areas like Vancouver and it’s surrounding cities, rain is a guarantee every year. It’s always best to be prepared for rain, snow and all sorts of wild climates this region will throw at you.

a vinyl pedestal pad for railings

Some decks don’t allow for side mount Railings so the option is Top mount. This kind of Railing system is screwed through the surface of the deck and attaches to the framing below. This will cause a hole through the waterproofing membrane but if installed correctly there won’t be a problem. This can be achieved through a variety of different methods. The use of rubber gaskets surround each hole and prevent water penetrating the living space below.

Polyurethane caulking is also great for waterproofing and acts as a great barrier for water leaks. Another great technique is the use of pedestal pads. This is where a small block of plywood is installed on top of the membrane, and another layer of waterproof membrane installed on top. The vinyl membrane is welded and fused together and is the strongest technique for waterproofing your deck.

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