Canopy? Awning? Pergola? What to call it and why you should cover your deck

Cedar Canopy Glass Aluminum

What is a Canopy?

Cedar Canopy Awning Glass

A Canopy is usually referred by many different names. For example, awning, deck cover, sun shade or pergola are often used when referencing a canopy. Essentially it is a structure above the deck that helps protect your deck space against the weather and elements. They have posts holding up one side of the canopy and the other is commonly secured into the house. They come in a wide variety of different styles and colours and can use various different materials to achieve the desired look.

Do you need to cover your deck?

Covering your deck with a canopy allows your deck to be used all year round. Shading the deck from the heavy rainfalls we have here in Vancouver. Also protect against the yearly snow storm we’ve been having. Being able to sit out on the deck on those cold rainy nights, huddled around a fire pit with loved ones. That is a wonderful reason to consider whether you need a canopy or not.

Canopy Post Saddle

Choose the style that suits your deck

We recently took on two larger jobs that incorporate a canopy to cover the seated and most used areas of the decks. Both canopies took advantage of cedar posts and everything they have to offer. Not only is cedar strong and will last for many years, it looks fantastic and can be treated with various stains and oils to achieve different looks.

One canopy was left looking natural and blended in perfectly with the trees in the background. The other was stained to achieve a darker moodier look which suited the customer much better. Both canopies used glass panels on top to let in all the natural light but help keep the deck dry in those wetter months.

Both canopies made use of black fittings and black rafters. This adds some boldness to the canopy and help make it stand out. These colour combinations happen to be my favourite pairings and i just love installing these.

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