Deck Waterproofing

Waterproofing a Deck

We Use Proper Waterproofing Details To Make Sure Your Vinyl Deck Stands Up In Vancouver’s Rain!

Waterproofing details in one of the rainiest cities in the world is crucial to your house. To ensure that a deck maintains structural integrity and appearance over long periods of time, proper waterproofing details is essential. If a deck is not water-tight, wet weather conditions and seasonal changes can create an ideal environment for moud and mildew growth. Also, wood can rot and reduce deck stability.

Arbutus Sundecks uses high quality waterproofing systems created by DecTec and Tufdek. Each deck flooring solution is strategically designed to provide thorough waterproofing from the vinyl sheet specifications through to the coated reinforcements. That combined with our custom waterproofing details your deck and house is fully protected.

Quality Waterproof Vinyl Flooring Systems

Our Tufdek And Dectec Vinyl Flooring Systems Are:

  • Completely waterproof
  • Are vinyl backed to enable strong welds of seams and details
  • Installed with proven techniques that prevent water intrusion
  • Unable to delaminate because reinforcements are completely enclosed
  • Our decks are properly sloped to eliminate water pooling
  • Are between 60-66 mil thick and meet all B.C. Building code requirements

Keep Up With Vancouver’s Changing Weather

Vancouver wet weather conditions
Vancouver and Lower Mainland residents have seen all kinds of cold, wet and snowy weather conditions over the years. Weather can change frequently and can cause havoc with your home or building.

Waterproof and watertight integrity in an outdoor living space is crucial. Trust Arbutus Sundecks to ensure that your patio or balconies are sealed tight and guaranteed to last.

Deck Waterproofing Solutions

PVC Coated Flashings

This is one of the most important waterproofing details. We use a special vinyl coated metal for all of flashings that go around the outside edge of your deck. The reason we use this is to ensure that the vinyl decking is permanently heat welded to the metal flashing.

Our competitors use a cheap metal flashing that is typically just glued to the flashing and over time it curls up off the flashing which causes the deck to leak.

PVC Coated Flashings

Wall To Deck Details

One of the most vulnerable waterproofing details on a deck is were the deck meets the house walls, at Arbutus Sundeck’s we use a special technique called a cricket. This detail diverts the water away from the wall and stops any water from going in behind the siding, which causes major leaks and rot to the framing of the house.

Wall To Deck Details

Door Detail

The proper way to detail a door is to pull the door out of the opening and install the vinyl membrane into the opening and then re-install the door. This is not always possible due to the way the door is installed, when that is the case we have a variety of options that we can review together and find the right solution for your sundeck.

detailing connection from wall to door



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