Rustic Plank

​Designer Rustic Plank Vinyl Decking a Beautiful Choice for Your Vinyl Sundeck

Tufdek’s Designer Rustic Plank Flooring Gives a Country Appearance to Your Vinyl Sundeck

Can you imagine some of the relaxing places you would love to go to, such as a country cabin in the woods or a lakeside cottage? The one characteristic that each structure has is that it has a rustic and homey appearance. Well, you can bring this welcoming feeling to your own home even in the urban areas of Vancouver by getting a vinyl sundeck constructed with Designer Rustic Plank vinyl decking.


Designer Rustic Plank vinyl decking has an earthen brown tone as it simulates the look of weathered wooden planks. It features wood grains and plank seams that you would often see in regular wooden deck construction, yet the image is placed into vinyl decking materials that has the strength and durability of vinyl roofing materials. Your deck will have the vitality and durability it needs to withstand the outdoor elements, while offering the country beauty of rustic wooden planks.

Fall in Love with Your Vinyl Sundeck Covered with Designer Rustic Plank Vinyl from Tufdek

There are several design possibilities to incorporate the look of Designer Rustic Plank vinyl decking into your outdoor space. Consider placing your new vinyl sundeck near other existing structures such as garden sheds, garages, or other features. The beautiful dark brown appearance works well to complement the foliage and vegetation in your yard as the green plants and abundant color of flowers will make your landscape stand out. You could also consider placing lighter red, orange, yellow, blue and green colours on the deck. These neutral and bright colours can be in area rugs, furniture or other furnishings as the hues will pop out and be eye-pleasing to your family and guests when out enjoying the outdoor space.

A fantastic benefit of Designer Rustic Plank vinyl decking from Tufdek is that it is tough against the outdoor elements. It is completely waterproof due to the top finish of polycarbonate that seals in the vibrant Aqueous based inks used to create the rustic plank appearance. Smooth, sleek and durable, your deck will look gorgeous during rain or shine as it can handle the wear-and-tear from foot traffic or pets.

Get the Vinyl Sundeck You Desire from Arbutus Sundecks

You want a way to relax in the outdoors, enjoy meals in your outdoor kitchen, and spend a fun time with the family. Have Arbutus Sundecks construct a vinyl sundeck using the beautiful and strong vinyl deckingmaterials provided from Tufdek. We can place Designer Rustic Plank vinyl decking on your outdoor structure as you will feel like you are on vacation at a summer cottage or cabin even when you haven’t left home. Contact us today for an evaluation as we can give you the right design options so you can get the best deck that fits into your budget.

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