Hybrid Canopy

Hybrid Canopy with Glass Inserts

There is just something about the look of wood that you love when it is incorporated into your balcony, sundeck or patio. The warm earth tones lend a sense of sophistication to your outdoor space as it welcomes your family and friends to relax and enjoy the scenic views of Vancouver, BC. Yet you also like the modern, industrial appearance of metal as you enjoy having beautiful aluminum railings because of the metal’s strength and durability to the outside weather. When considering an outdoor sundeck, you can have the best of both worlds with cedar and aluminum canopies constructed by Arbutus Sundecks. Our professionals offer a wide range of options for canopies as we have created a hybrid design for those people who want to combine the beauty and warmth of wood with the strength of metal to have the best protection and shade for their outdoor space.

a warm backyard with a glass canopy on timber frame

Cedar and Aluminum Canopies Offers the Perfect Overhead Protection

Here at Arbutus Sundecks, we can build a sundeck that will withstand the outdoor elements of blazing sun, gusty wind, and torrential rain while still giving you a wonderful space to relax outdoors. Our hybrid aluminum canopies have strong cedar beams that will match the look of your wood deck or patio space. On top of those beams, we secure cedar aluminum frames that hold glass inserts so you can have the perfect skylights that will still allow the sunlight to brighten the space. Select from clear glass for optimal sunlight, or tinted glass that offers increased protection from the bright light of the sun.

Aluminum Canopies from Arbutus Sundecks will Keep you Dry and Comfortable Outside

Our contractors here at Arbutus Sundecks are dedicated to giving you the safe, comfortable and elegant sundeck canopy that is the perfect match for your outdoor space and for the style of your home. We use durable, strong and stylish materials while constructing your aluminum canopy to your preferences. Whether you want a canopy that extends over the full sundeck or patio or simply a small section of your outdoor space, we will adopt your design ideas while ensuring to meet or exceed all construction regulations and bylaws to give you a safe structure.  Decide on the number of glass skylights you desire and their placement, and we will give you the aluminum canopy that will last for years.

Have Arbutus Sundecks Provide you with a Unique Sundeck Canopy

If you want an elegant and strong canopy for your outdoor space, contact Arbutus Sundecks. We can provide our hybrid cedar and aluminum canopies so you have a uniform design for your deck or patio space. Contact us today so we can perform an assessment and provide you with a range of aluminum and cedar canopy designs that will bring out the beauty of your Vancouver, BC. deck.


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