Rot Repair, Rotten Deck ? Don’t Stress

Rot Repair

Rot repair is our area of expertise, Vancouver is a rain forest so we see extremely high amounts of rain and being at the coast we have severe wind storms. Combine both of these items and its a recipe for rot. We at Arbutus Sundecks have done a large amount of rot repair, our systems we have have stream lined this process saving the customer money and getting excellent results. We incorporate a special solution that is an anti- fungicide and insecticide called Boracol this product is meant specifically for rot repair of wood that is not structurally damaged. One of the most important parts of rot repair is finding out what is causing the rot to grow and repairing or modifying the building to address these problem. In order to do a proper framing repair it is important to fully understand how and why rot forms and spreads and the different types of rot.

Different rot types and rot repair solutions

There are three main types of rot, Brown Rot, White Rot and Soft Rot and they cause different types of decay.

Rot Repair Brown Rot

Brown Rot

Brown Rot Repair

Wood that has brown rot looks like dry cracked leather, it breaks easily into small pieces. The strength of wood decreases as the growth spreads, this is the most common type of rot that we encounter and typically the wood has to be removed and replaced. This type of building repair typically has a moderate cost associated with it.

Wood Rot Repair

White Rot

White Rot Repair

Although it is the most dramatic looking white rot does little to the strength of wood in the early stages and if treated with Boracol and scraped away the wood can be salvaged and the cost of the  repair be reduced significantly. It is critical to correct the moisture problem that caused this in the first place.

Wood Rot Repair

Soft Rot

Soft Rot Repair

This can be the most difficult to detect it forms from the surface inwards developing cavities.  This typically happens when wood is touching concrete or other wood members and typically is only visible when you remove it or it is so rotten that the rot reaches the outside of the wood. This can be a costly repair situation.


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