Cedar Decking

Cedar Decking is a classic West Coast style. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting on a beautiful cedar deck enjoying a barbecue in the middle of summer. Western Red Cedar is a perfect choice for our climate. It has natural oils in it that resist insects and is very resistant to rot and decay.

When we install a cedar deck we usually have it pre-stained with two coats of stain. Then as we are installing it all of the cut ends have the stain applied. By doing this the cedar decking boards are fully sealed with stain. This will enable the cedar deck to hold the natural beauty of the wood for two to five years before it will require another coat of stain. If cedar is left natural it will turn a grey colour, but it still will last decades due to its natural properties. One of the most important details when installing a cedar deck is to leave even gaps between the boards, depending on the moisture content of the wood and the surrounding trees there should be a gap of 3/16″-1/4″. Typically there are two different grades of cedar decking, tight knot and clear cedar.

Tight Knot “Cedar Decking”

The knots in this cedar decking add a level of interest to the deck, all of the knots are tight and won’t fall out over time. When stained the knots are darker than the rest of the wood and really pop adding a lot of detail to the deck. Being a more abundant resource the price of this grade of cedar is considerably less than clear cedar making it a very popular decking material.

Clear Cedar Decking

With this grade of cedar decking, the stain applies evenly to the wood and you get a beautiful contrast with the wood having golden hues and red hues. Clear cedar decking will last the longest of all grades of cedar if these decks are properly maintained and have good air flow it’s not uncommon for the wood to last twenty plus years.

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