Driftwood Deck Floor Covering Brings the Beach to Your Home

After you get back home from the beach or the lake, all you can think about is the cool blue waters and the beautiful driftwood piers and beach furniture along the shore. You would love to recapture that feeling again in your outdoor space in some way. Now you can by selecting Deksmart Ultra Smoothback vinyl deck floor covering in the beautiful driftwood color option.

Driftwood Deck Covering

Bring the Beach Back Home with the Driftwood Deck Floor Covering

Hire Arbutus Sundecks as your Greater Vancouver contractors as we can help design and install the Deksmart Ultra Smoothback product.. Driftwood vinyl deck floor coverings is made out of PVC materials crafted into a driftwood floor design. When the vinyl membrane is adhered to the substructure of your deck, your deck flooring will look like wooden boards. All the wood lines and grains along the surface are so lifelike you won’t believe its vinyl.

The Deksmart driftwood covering has a grayish hue as if the ocean or lake waters flowed across the surface giving it an aged and weathered appearance. However, Deksmart vinyl flooring products are one of the strongest and most durable materials on the market. Not only durable, but completely waterproof and rot resistant. It won’t splinter or crack like real driftwood while still giving you the aged wood appearance to your deck space. Deksmart is also slip resistant when the vinyl gets wet. So you are able to place it near pool areas and not worry about your family slipping and falling.

Enjoy a Structurally Sound and Beautiful Deck Surface Installed by Arbutus Sundecks

Selecting the driftwood color and texture from Deksmart for your deck floor covering is a great option. It will add a unique design aspect to your residential outdoor space. You can place the versatile deck covering down in a range of design patterns and layouts, as you don’t have to just lay them in the same layout. You can select the pattern you want and create specific levels and zones to your outdoor space for lounging, dining and playing with the kids. One design idea is to have the Deksmart vinyl driftwood floor covering across your deck and incorporate another Deksmart design color as a border around the driftwood pattern to make the flooring stand out.

There are a wide range of layouts and colors you can select for your vinyl flooring covering. You can also place Deksmart products on walkways, balconies and rooftop patios as well as decks. Whatever color and design you select, Arbutus Sundecks will be here to design and install your project from start to finish. We will help you select the location, show you samples of the colors and textures to the vinyl deck flooring you want, and install the vinyl membrane to the substructure. Then we will add the finishing touches, such as railings, so that when you step out onto the deck, you feel like you are at the beach again. Contact Arbutus Sundecks to receive a free quote for your next project.

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