Deksmart Ultra Smoothback Beachwood Vinyl Plank Decking

For some homeowners, they love the warmth and welcoming feeling that wood products bring to the interior of their home. However, wood products aren’t always ideal for outdoor spaces. Certain wood products can rot, split, crack, warp and splinter from the wet and snowy weather. If you have an old deck that could use a makeover and you want the beauty of wood without the headaches, consider selecting Deksmart vinyl plank decking in the color of beachwood.

Beachwood Plank Vinyl Decking

Vinyl Deck Coverings with the Appearance of Beachwood

Deksmart Ultra Smoothback is a 3-ply PVC vinyl membrane covering that is placed over deck substructure materials to create a weatherproof coating. Deksmart products come in a variety of colors and patterns, as you can make your deck look like different materials. Beachwood vinyl has the appearance of Beachwood planks but is made entirely out of a PVC vinyl member. This product has a warm brown color with yellow flecks that has wood lines and grains. It inspires a fun, beach feeling as if the sunshine is beaming down onto the wood surface even when the clouds are covering the sky.

Selecting Deksmart vinyl deck coverings in a beachwood color and texture allow you to bring your love of wood products outdoors without worrying about the deck lasting. Make your deck, patio or balcony an enjoyable space to eat, lounge and play every day. If you are looking to get to the beach without leaving home, beachwood vinyl plank decking is a great option.

Restore Your Deck with Deksmart Vinyl Plank Decking Products

Regular wood decks won’t last forever unless they receive extra protection. Placing on a vinyl deck membrane over the substructure materials can enclose the deck in waterproof protection that won’t create mildew or mold growth. So never worry about the beachwood colors losing their luster or becoming stained. With Deksmart, you are reassured that the deck’s appearance will last. The manufacturer even offers a 5-year appearance warranty for their Smoothback vinyl products.

Once you select your vinyl plank decking product, contact Arbutus Sundecks. We are your vinyl decking contractor as we design, install and repair decks in the Greater Vancouver, British Columbia region. We specialize in vinyl deck covering installations, including the Deksmart Smoothback vinyl products line with their vibrant colors and great designs that can match your personal preferences.

Keep in mind that you aren’t locked in with a particular vinyl plank decking color. We bring several vinyl decking samples so you can see the colors and patterns up close to your deck space. This advantage allows you to see the sample and compare how it looks with the architectural design of your home and your present outdoor furnishings. Then you can select the color that would be the perfect complement to your outdoor space. So give Arbutus Sundecks a call today for more info and for a free quote.

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