​Use Trex Saddle Composite Decking for Your Outdoor Deck Construction

Sometimes it is easy to pick the right color for your decking materials for your outdoor deck construction. Yet it can be difficult selecting how bold or saturated you want the deck color to be. Lets have a look at of Trex Saddle Composite Decking. Some people love the rich medium brown colors that have an earthy appearance, while you want the same color but in a little bit of a lighter, subdued shade.

Trex sustainable composite decking is one of the most popular deck flooring materials out on the market due to the boards possessing high performance capabilities, long-lasting beauty and longevity. In addition, Trex offers a range of color options to fit the needs of Greater Vancouver homeowners. Reach out to your outdoor decking contractors here at Arbutus Sundecks as we can bring you a range of sample board colors so you can pick the right one that will look beautiful for your deck project. One medium brown color in particular that you may like is Saddle composite deck boards.

Trex Saddle Composite Decking

Trex Saddle Decking for Your Outdoor Deck Construction

The wonderful colors of Saddle composite decking provide a more natural appearance to deck structures in the Vancouver region. This deck board has a medium brown color that will remind you of fallen walnuts that you find along the path of a forest glade. The lovely brown color is solid along the deck plank as the wood grain is refined to give the composite decking material a more natural real-wood look. To increase the color options, Trex offers Saddle decking in two different color collections so you can go rich and bold with this shade or cool and subdued: Saddle Enhance and Saddle Select.

Saddle Enhance has the rich brown earthy walnut tone that is a striking shade across the surface. The wood grain is more defined, providing a lovely appearance that can be seen clearly. This deck board is more bold and bright as it can be used in modern design styles

Saddle Select has a more saturated, weathered appearance to the walnut brown color to offer a softer shade. The wood grain is less pronounced and in more of a wider pattern, as it would be suitable in contemporary design styles.

Whichever deck board you select that has the beautiful walnut shade, you will still be getting a decking material that resists moisture, stains, fading and rot. Trex high performance qualities are perfect for outdoor deck construction as you never have to worry about the boards warping, splintering or cracking. You can use it for outdoor kitchen spaces, around pool areas, and in children’s play areas to have a deck that caters to every member of your family.

Let Arbutus Sundecks Do Your Outdoor Deck Construction

You want to work with reliable and dedicated contractors who can perform the work to your specifications and project budget. Arbutus Sundecks can build you a wonderful deck space for your needs so you can get outside and enjoy your outdoor living space even more. Select the wonderful Trex decking in the Saddle composite wood color as your deck flooring so that your structure will be durable and enduring. Give us a call today so we can talk about your next deck project.

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