Foggy Wharf

‚ÄčTrex Foggy Wharf Composite Decking Creating a Bright and Bold Look Outside

When it comes to some of the most popular outdoor decking alternatives out on the market, Trex Decking is at the top of the list. This green building product material contains 95% recycled materials and has a real-wood appearance. So you can get a deck that is durable, won’t warp or splinter, and will maintain its color. Trex’s all new Foggy Wharf Composite Decking is a shining example of that.

Looking for a decking space that adds beauty to your boring yard, but doesn’t overpower the architectural style? Then Trex Foggy Wharf Composite Decking (Plastic Decking) boards are a fantastic choice. It is a medium to light grey with varying shades of darker grey on the surface to give a natural wood appearance.

Trex Foggy Wharf Composite DeckingTrex Foggy Wharf Outdoor Decking for Varying Design Themes

The Foggy Wharf decking color is part of the Trex Enhance colors collection. It has a mild grey color throughout the wood with streaks of a darker, bluer grey playfully running across the textured wood grain. The decking works with traditional, contemporary and brighter outdoor deck designs. You can dress it up for an elegant style, or place in fun and vibrant colors for a more relaxed and comforting atmosphere.

There are a range of contrasting and complementary colors that work well with Foggy Wharf decking. So you can go with matching colors of bright, white and bluer accents to complement the deck, or select a darker color for contrast and create a sophisticated, trendy design. You can even create a unique theme by using a combination of light and dark accents.

Build a Superior Deck with Trex Foggy Wharf Deck Boards Installed by Arbutus Sundecks

Get a deck that is rot resistant and stain resistant as it won’t splinter or rot. Trex Composite or Plastic decking is your top choice if you are looking for a sustainable decking material that looks like real wood but is made from 95% recycled wood and plastic products. The deck will make a beautiful addition to your decking as you will have a place to sit and gaze out at the beauty of the Greater Vancouver area.

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