Clam Shell

‚ÄčTrex Clam Shell: Ideal Choice for Composite Decking Vancouver Decks

There is something beautiful when finding seashells and clam shells on the beach. To kids, it is like finding little treasures that have been washed up onto the shore. As an adult, you are reminded of all the wonderful times that your parents took you on a beach adventure. However, you should not take the shells with you when leaving the beach. Those shells can help the ecosystem and prevent beach erosion. Yet you can still celebrate the beach life at home and relieve those memories about the shells that you have seen by having a deck installed on your property with Trex Clam Shell composite decking materials.

Trex Clam Shell Composite Decking

Let Your Composite Decking Vancouver Contractor Install Trex Clam Shell Decking

Arbutus Sundecks can help you make a beach vacation right in your outdoor space. We can build a deck, patio, balcony or pool deck using the beautiful Clam Shell Trex decking material. This deck flooring is part of the Trex Enhance collection as it comes in a medium grey tone. The color is solid throughout the board as the wood grain has a more refined and clean appearance. This beautiful grey color is perfect when you want to make a beach cottage or a rustic cabin style in your outdoor space. You can place in nautical themes or whitewashed furniture that looks like driftwood. You could also dress up the deck for a more trendy and classy appearance.

Whatever design style you select, you will know that your composite decking Vancouver contractors will construct your deck using the best composite materials from Trex. Trex composite decking is an eco-friendly and sustainable material made out of 95% recycled plastic film and wood. The material can resist moisture, rot and mildew. Around the composite board is a high-performance shell to protect the surface from scratches and fading. The deck will not splinter, so you can run across the surface in your bare feet while playing with the kids or lounging in a chair. You will have a well-built deck that will last for decades while maintaining its beauty.

Trex Deck Flooring Will Remind You of the Beach

The Trex Clam Shell composite decking will create a calm and relaxing feeling due to the cool and subdued color tone. So you can relax on the outdoor living sofa, close your eyes, and imagine hearing the nearby waves of the ocean. Here at Arbutus Sundecks, we can construct your deck so that is a perfect, serene oasis on your property where you can get rid of the daily stress and have fun.

Let us help you create the deck project you desire so that it fulfills your everyday needs. Reach out to our contractors today to talk about the type of deck you want that uses Trex composite deck flooring using the beautiful grey Clam shell tone. We will design and build your deck from start to finish while adding in the finishing touches so that it is functional, safe and eye-pleasing. When you contact Arbutus Sundecks, we will also provide you with a cost estimate based on the size and location of the deck in your outdoor space.

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