​TimberTech Espresso Plastic Decking Boards Offers a Dark Weathered-Wood Appearance

Sometimes the darker colors of deck flooring like ​TimberTech Espresso Plastic Decking, just provide a more appealing and relaxing look for your needs. With this type of colour on your deck, it makes a striking impression that speaks of elegance.

You normally can’t achieve this desired colour effect with normal traditional wood products unless you stain them, and often the stain doesn’t take well as you will have light and dark streaks that don’t blend well together. Even if you can get this colour when staining and painting your deck, you will have to perform the work repeatedly. The stain or paint colours will begin to fade from the sunlight or become washed out by the rain, sleet and snowy weather.

Get the dark flooring colour you want without worrying about paint, stains or flooring damage from the weather. TimberTech composite decking provides you with a deck flooring that can come in the darker colours you desire while not requiring tons of maintenance. Obtain this ideal composite wood and plastic decking board material in the colour of Espresso.

​TimberTech Espresso Plastic Decking Boards for Outdoor Structures

​TimberTech Espresso Plastic Decking

TimberTech Espresso composite decking materials come in a dark brownish grey color. It has variegated, cascading colours which appear as distinct brown and black markings on the board. The wood grain blends into the deck so it isn’t as pronounced, as the overall colour takes center stage. Since this color is so deep and rich, like a cup of espresso you would drink at your favorite cafe, lighter accent tones and shades can break up this deep, elegant design so it isn’t too overwhelming in your outdoor space.

Colorful flowers and foliage will look wonderful when placed on or beside this deck as the rich colors will be bright and eye-pleasing. Since the deck material is a composite of wood and plastic decking, you don’t have to worry about water damaging on the surface if it pools from the rain or when watering your flowerpots. The entire composite board is capped in polymer on all four sides to prevent moisture penetration and ultraviolet light fading. So TimberTech Espresso decking will maintain its beauty and durability. It will also look stunning as all you have to do is clean the surface with soap and water to get rid of the dirt and grime.

Let Arbutus Sundecks Build Your Next Deck with​ TimberTech Composite Decking

Get TimberTech composite plastic decking boards that are made from wood and plastic fibers and capped in a polymer material to provide a deck board that is tougher than wood, low maintenance, and can resist scratches, stains, fading and the weather. Arbutus Sundecks can install a range of TimberTech decking colours from the Legacy and Tropical collections, including the earthy brown and grey color of Espresso composite deck boards.

Reach out to our contractors today to receive a free quote and to discuss your deck design options. Just tell us where you want to place your deck and let us know about your project budget so we can get started.

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