Weathered Teak

‚ÄčAzek Weathered Teak Composite DeckingAzek Decking: Ageless Weathered Teak Offering an Elegant Beauty To Decks

For some people, the look of aged wood makes their outdoor space look elegant, relaxing and welcoming. Certain natural hardwoods take on a beautiful golden tan color as they become weathered by the rain and faded from the sun. However, this elegant tan color will begin to turn into a gray patina as time passes. Azek Weathered Teak Composite Decking solves that problem by keeping a beautiful colour for years to come.

You may want the aged look of natural golden wood without having it turn gray and worn-looking in a few years. With Azek decking, you can have this golden hue forever on your deck by having Weathered Teak composite materials professionally installed by Arbutus Sundecks.

Weathered Teak Azek Decking for Everlasting Beauty

Azek Weathered Teak is a golden brown hue in a variegated colour pattern across the surface. It has straight, understated grain lines as your deck looks like natural teak hardwood. Like other furniture and structures made out of natural teak wood, this colour adds a depth of sophistication to your outdoor space. This beautiful deck material can be used with different architectural home styles. So whether you have a traditional, contemporary or even rustic design theme, you can enhance this look with the versatility that Weathered Teak Azek decking provides.

Since Azek Weathered Teak is made out of PVC composite materials, you don’t have to worry about the deck losing its golden brown glow. The colour penetrates through the entire PVC deck board as it is capped in a polymer material to prevent water penetration. So it resists ultraviolet fading from the sun and weathering from the rain, snow and ice. You don’t have to ever stain, paint or sand the surface to restore its color. You will have the gold weathered teak appearance without ever worrying about it aging to the grey patina colour that happens with natural wood products. If the colour becomes stained with dirt or grime, just give it a simple periodic cleaning with soap and water to get it looking beautiful again.

Azek Weathered Teak Composite Decking

Let Arbutus Sundecks Bring Elegance to Your Space with Azek Decking

Due to the rich, light brown hue of Weathered Teak Azek decking, darker accent colours work well when paired with this deck material. Dark brown to black railings and furniture pieces can make the deck colour pop out. The composite materials can also make dark green and lush landscapes look more vibrant. With the bright colors from flowers throughout the background, your deck will complement the overall look of your outdoor living space without overpowering other structural elements or landscape designs.

Arbutus Sundecks professionally installs Weathered Teak Azek decking for residents throughout the Greater Vancouver, British Columbia area. Let us beautify your outdoor living space and increase your deck functionality as you can use it for a lounging spot, outdoor kitchen space and entertainment area for you and your family. Give our contractors a call today to set up an initial consultation to discuss your project. We can provide you with a free estimate based on the size of the deck project, the location of the deck on your property, and your project budget. Then we will design and build you a deck that will las

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