‚ÄčAzek Cypress Composite Deck Boards for a Timeless Appearance

Composite Deck Boards, looking for a fun and playful color for your deck? Arbutus Sundecks has the answer if you are looking for composite deck boards in a color that invites people to come share in a good time on your deck. Azek PVC decking is low maintenance, strong and won’t rot as it comes in a variety of colors. Select Azek Cypress Composite Deck boards for a warm and rich texture to your deck’s surface.

Azek Cypress Composite Deck Boards

Cypress decking from Azek is a wonderful color tone for your deck. It features a mixture of yellow, red and brown with variegated streaks of color across the surface. The markings on the surface are very discrete without a pronounced wood grain. The Cypress deck color is a perfect tone for both dark and light colored furniture sitting on the outdoor space. So you can play around with the outdoor living design until it matches your preferences.

Each board has a different variation from the next. This aspect is great for people who don’t want a uniform look when the deck boards are placed down during the installation. It will look random and playful as the striking colors will remain vibrant for many decades.

Azek Cypress Decking Offering a Range of Benefits

Another great benefit to Azek Cypress composite deck boards is that they have a Class A Rated Flame Spread Index. This rating means that flames will not spread rapidly on the surface if it is exposed to fire. So you can use the Cypress decking for areas such as around fire pits or outdoor kitchens. You can have Cypress decking for the outdoor living area, stairs and walkways to have the ultimate deck space.

With a deck that has the warmth and look of real wood combined with the durable and lasting properties of polymer, Azek Cypress decking will create a wonderful look to Greater Vancouver outdoor spaces. All you need is the right company to install the decking so that it lasts for decades.

Arbutus Sundecks Providing Installation for Composite Deck Boards

When you are working with a specific budget, Arbutus Sundecks can provide you with the right deck space for your home. Our contractors can build a brand new deck or rebuild a deck using Azek Cypress composite decking. We will take into consideration the location of your deck and how the rich, warm colors of the Cypress deck boards will go with the architectural style of your house and the other structures in your yard. Then we will come up with possible design ideas that you can select from so the space will be functional, spacious and beautiful.

Once you select the deck design, we will get started with installing the composite deck flooring. Arbutus Sundecks is your one-stop shop for deck construction as we perform the entire work for the project, including the railings, steps and molding. Reach out to us today to set up an initial consultation and to obtain a free quote. Let us build you the deck that you can relax on during the nice, warm days as it will have the rich warm colors that you will love.

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