When It Rains: Is a Waterproof Deck Coating Necessary in Vancouver?

If your deck is made from naturally rot-resistant wood such as cedar or from wood that has already been treated, then you may think you don’t need to spend the time and money waterproofing your deck. However, if you live in rainy Vancouver it is absolutely necessary to consider a waterproof deck coating.

Greater Vancouver gets on average 1199mm of rain each year. North Vancouver gets even more rain, with an average of 2477mm each year. To put this in perspective, London, England gets half the amount of rain as Vancouver does. That’s a lot of precipitation that could harm an unprotected deck! Read on for more information about why waterproof deck coating is necessary in Vancouver, which sealants are available, and what you should consider before starting.

When It Rains: Is a Waterproof Deck Coating Necessary in Vancouver?

How Rain can Harm a Deck

In the rainy climate of Vancouver, the sheer volume of rainfall can put your deck at risk even if it is made from rot-resistant or treated wood. Water is not good for your deck; it can induce cracking, rotting, mold, algae and mildew. Even cedar, which is known as a strong wood that is resistant to rotting, will react with water and turn black from water damage. These consequences are all problematic, as they can weaken your deck.

While in sunnier climates weathering from UV light can be a problem, rain damage poses a greater risk than just a discolored or weathered deck. Sealants will prevent rotting and unwanted algae. Further, waterproof deck coating will protect your wood deck from the elements and preserve it so that it will last as long as it should.

Waterproof Sealant Options

There are a variety of waterproof sealant options available. Wood sealants provide a chemical barrier in order to protect wood decks. Alternative sealants are also available. With traditional wood sealants, holes and areas around nails can be left unprotected. An alternative sealant, such as a filling sealant, will treat wood and fill any small holes. Rot resistant sealants, epoxy and solid stains are also options if you’re going to waterproof your deck.

Nowadays, solid stains are generally recommended against as they cover decks in a thick film and will peel off after only a year. Additionally, it should be known that epoxy is usually only applied by experts.

Important Things to Consider Before Waterproofing

Especially in Vancouver where it rains 161 days a year, you should keep in mind that for the best results, waterproof deck coating should only be done if it will be dry for 48 hours. Check the weather report before beginning and make sure you will have at least two full days without rain so that your deck can be sealed properly. Also keep in mind that in rainy climates such as Vancouver’s, a waterproof deck coating might need to be applied more frequently than in dryer climates.

If your deck is made from treated wood then you might be thinking that you don’t need to spend the time and money to apply a waterproof sealant. In reality, Vancouver’s rainy climate means you should apply a waterproof deck coating anyway to prevent rot, mold and mildew, and to ensure your deck lasts as long as it should.

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