Topless Glass Railings in West Vancouver

Owning a home in West Vancouver is likely one of your greatest achievements. With so much beauty and nature surrounding your home, you should certainly make it a habit to enjoy the views, especially when the weather starts to turn warmer. Being able to comfortably watch the sun go down or enjoy a morning cup of coffee with some fresh air on your deck can become one of the best parts of your day, especially when your incredible view isn’t obscured! If you’re looking to improve the view, consider topless glass railings.

Full Enjoyment With Topless Glass Railings

With topless glass railings surrounding your deck or balcony, you’ll not only achieve a modern and sophisticated look for your home, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of the surrounding views and natural beauty available from each and every vantage point—sitting, standing, or lying down. Beautiful topless glass railings are the type of thing you’d find in luxury hotel resorts in some of the most prestigious locations around the world, as well as in some of the most luxury homes in West Vancouver. There’s certainly no better way to upgrade your home for both enjoyment and appearance.

Though some topless glass railings include large square posts that may block portions of your view, the more modern types are installed with aluminum fin posts, which are very thin but still sturdy. They ensure for ultimate enhancement of the surrounding views. Fascia mounted topless glass railings systems are commonly used so that the deck itself is not penetrated. Instead, the railing is attached to the side of the deck, which also provides for the best use of space. With this method, the hardware is also pleasantly out of sight, allowing your deck to be more easily cleaned, as there will be fewer fixtures to sweep or vacuum around. Often the bottom of the glass railing is set an inch or two above the surface of the deck to allow for rainwater to be drained easily. This is now commonly seen in apartment buildings as well, proving that it is part of the ultimate rain screening technology.

Tempered Glass: It’s Safe and Secure

Topless glass railings may appear to be less secure, but the truth of the matter is that this option brings plenty of safety along with enjoyment. Though you may find 10mm glass on some decks, the industry standard in West Vancouver is 12mm tempered glass. Tempered glass, which is also referred to as safety glass, is chemically treated glass that undergoes this process as a form of strengthening the material. If broken, which is unlikely, the glass crumbles into chunks instead of shattering to splinters like untreated glass.

Sometimes the best home improvements are the ones that bring more enjoyment to your home, and there’s likely no better alternative than upgrading your deck with a railing that offers endless, unobscured views. Achieve the ultimate modernity, practicality, and enjoyment with topless glass railings. For more information on topless glass railings in West Vancouver, visit our website or contact us directly; don’t hesitate to ask for a complimentary quote for your deck improvements.

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