Waterproof Decking Vancouver

Waterproof Decking

For waterproof decking we use a vinyl decking from Tuffdek. It is a 66 mil vinyl roofing membrane. One of the main things that diferentiat this waterproof decking from other products on the market is that the vinyl has a vinyl backing. Other vinyl decking products have a fuzzy backing, the problem with this kind of backing is that when there are seams on the deck you can’t properly weld the two vinyl sheets together properly. The fuzzy backing also has a tendency to wick water under the vinyl causing rot. With our vinyl backed waterproof decking we can weld vinyl to vinyl, this makes a bullet proof seam that won’t wick water under the vinyl. When choosing a vinyl decking contractor not all products are equal, it’s important to check all the details and spend some time educating yourself on the different products on the market.

Waterproof Decking

Rotten fascia

Rotten Fascia Boards

Before we installed the waterproof decking the fascia boards were all rotted, this is the best time to repair and replace the fascia along with any rotting framing. On this particular project the sub fascia was not affected so it was a easy repair. Before we installed the new fascia we treated the sub-fascia with a Boracol solution. Boracol is a anti fungicide as well as an insecticide. We then applied two coats of paint to the new fascia and installed it. After that we were ready to install the new waterproof decking.

For the finishing touch we are going to be installing a new fascia mounted aluminum picket railing. By having it fascia mounted we won’t be penetrating the waterproof decking. Using aluminum will give the owners a completly maintenance free railing that will last for decades.

Vinyl Decking

New fascia boards

After the railings are installed I will show you the end product with the waterproof decking and aluminum railings.


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