Waterproof Decking, North Vanccouver

Waterproof Decking

Birch Plank Vinyl Decking

Waterproof Decking with Vinyl Decking:

“Waterproof decking” has come along ways from the same old patterns of old. Today we offer a wide variety of colors and designs for waterproofing your deck by using a vinyl decking material. On this deck we used a color called birch plank from Tuf Dek. It is a 66 mil vinyl decking that exceeds the requirements of the B.C. Building code. As with any surface in order to properly have a waterproof decking work it’s all in the details. The vinyl we use is vinyl backed so when we weld the seams together we are welding vinyl to vinyl, making a bullet proof seam. The edge of the deck has a special vinyl coated flashing that is recessed into the deck and then the vinyl is welded to the flashing


"Waterproof Decking" details North VancouverDeck Drain:

For having a waterproof decking material perform properly, especially in North Vancouver its important that all the details are done  with the proper accessories. This deck in North Vancouver has a gutter that drains onto the deck. Previously the down pipe went through the deck and it was just caulked around the down pipe. In order to ensure that this deck would remain waterproof we used a special PVC coated drain that we heat welded the waterproof decking to. Now the down pipe drains into the drain and is carried below the deck into the drain tile.


North Vancouver vinyl decking

Counter flashing

Waterproof Decking Details

This house has a stucco finish, in order to get the waterproof decking six inches up the wall we cut the stucco and then installed a counter flashing metal behind the stucco. We then wrapped the vinyl decking up the wall and finished it with a piece of 1×4 cedar board. This offers a very attractive finish and insures that the waterproof decking will properly perform for decades to come.

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