Vinyl Sundeck Qualities

Different Vinyl Sundeck Products

Vinyl sundeck

Vinyl Backed Vinyl

Vinyl Sundeck’s is a extremely good way to create a to create a beautiful outdoor area that is very durable and highly attractive. But like everything else there are different qualities of  a vinyl sundeck, they are not all created equal. Typically when we talk about the grades of vinyl we discuss the thickness. Since the change in the B.C. Building code all vinyl sundecks are suppose to be a minimum of 60 mils thick (this is a liquid measurement). This though is not the only yard stick we should use when discussing a vinyl sundeck. One of the most important aspect of a vinyl sundeck is the backing that is on the product.


Vinyl sundeck qualities

Fuzzy Backed Vinyl

There are three different types listed in order of quality (highest-lowest) vinyl backing being highest, fabric backing medium grade and then the lowest grade is fuzzy backing. So why is the backing so important? First of all vinyl decking comes in sheets that are typically between 5′ to 6′ wide. A typical vinyl sundeck is wider than the typical sheet so there are seams of vinyl overlapping on the vinyl sundeck which is seamed together by thermally heat welding the two membranes together. When melting the vinyl if there is a fuzzy backing or a fabric backing you can’t get a proper weld between the two sheets of vinyl because how do you melt a piece of fabric to a plastic product?

Vinyl sundeck failing

failing fabric backed seam

The end result is that over a period of time your seams can start coming apart causing your vinyl sundeck to leak and in need of costly repair or replacement. With vinyl backing when you melt the two sheets together you are essentially melting vinyl to vinyl. This makes a permanent seam that can never come apart. So when shopping for a vinyl sundeck you want to ask about the thickness of the product but also don’t forget to ask about the type of backing that is on the vinyl. HAPPY DECKING!

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