Vinyl Roof Deck, Vancouver

Vinyl Roof Deck

After new vinyl decking

Repairing a “Vinyl Roof Deck” in Vancouver

Doing a “vinyl roof deck” in Vancouver takes special details in order to be assured that the vinyl roof deck will remain waterproof for decades. Some of the most important details are doing a proper wall to deck detail. The B.C. Building code requires that the vinyl decking goes up behind the siding by at least 6″. A lot of vinyl roof deck’s have stucco siding, so how do we get the vinyl decking 6″ behind the stucco?


"Vinyl Roof Deck" Vancouver

Counter flashing detail

Well there are a few different options available, the most economical way is to cut the stucco 6″ up from the vinyl roof deck surface. Then we bring the vinyl up the wall and install a counter flashing behind the stucco. This way when the water runs down the wall it rolls on to the metal counter flashing and then the water is diverted away from the wall and drips down to the deck. This way we can make sure that the water doesn’t get in behind the decking and we can be sure that the “vinyl roof deck” remains waterproof.






Tarping a "vinyl roof deck"Proper Tarping for a “Vinyl Roof Deck”:

When doing a vinyl roof deck it is critical that proper tarping techniques are used. There is a lot more to tarping a deck than simply laying a tarp on top of the deck. It’s important to elevate the tarp above the deck surface so that it can be worked on even when it raining. You also have to attach the tarp in such a way that it can withstand extremely high winds. We have done “vinyl roof decks” with winds exceeding 100 kmh and our tarps held up through it all. When planning a vinyl roof deck it is important to look at all the unique details your roof deck has and have a clear and proper plan in how all the critical areas are going to be dealt with.

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