Is Vinyl Decking the Perfect Solution for Protecting Your Deck?

If you’re installing a deck in the Vancouver area, it helps to know about various materials that can be used in decking and their associated properties. The Lower Mainland gets significant rainfall every year, which means outdoor decks can take quite a beating if they’re not made with the proper materials. Snow, rain, and ice can all cause moisture to get inside the wooden planks of a deck, which can result in deck rot. Vinyl decking is an alternative deck solution that handles rain and moisture well. Here’s everything that you need to know about vinyl decking and how it stands up to inclement weather.

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Deck Rot: The Deck Owner’s Menace

Deck rot is a breakdown of wood decking that occurs when water and moisture enter the wood particles of a deck, causing the wood to rot. Deck rot can chew through wooden boards, causing wood to become soft and break apart. If your deck starts to rot and the deck is attached to your house, the rot can actually spread to your house and cause further damage. Deck rot is notorious for ruining decks, and is very difficult to stop if it has started to spread. If the rot is a small problem, you can remove rotten wood by scraping it out with a screwdriver and filling holes with putty. Larger issues will mean that you have to tear out whole boards or possibly even replace the entire deck.

Wooden Decking Is Dangerous in High Precipitation Locales

Particularly in locations that tend to receive a high amount of precipitation, a wooden deck can be a safety hazard. Rot causes the boards of a deck to lose their structural integrity, meaning they could give at any time. If you are walking across a deck on rotting wooden planks, you could break a rotten board by stepping on it, which could cause you to trip and fall.

“Treated” Wood Decking Can Be High Maintenance

“Water-resistant” lumber is something of a misnomer. This is due to the fact that even waterproof coatings break down over time. No matter how great the lumber is, no matter how much you treat it, all wooden decking will eventually rot if not maintained andĀ given enough time and enough precipitation. Even lumber that is advertised as “rot-proof” or “rot-resistant” is still lumber, and it will still rot. Furthermore, all lumber is susceptible to changes in temperature, whether it is treated or not. This means you will have to replace your wooden deck at some point.

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How Vinyl Decking Protects Your Deck

Vinyl decking is a longer-lasting alternative to wood decking that prevents moisture from entering your deck. With wood decks, owners must constantly keep tabs on potential rot issues and treat them as they arise. Vinyl decking is legitimately waterproof, not just water-resistant, meaning you can install your decking and then enjoy your new deck, worry-free. No more trips to the lumberyard for spare planks, and no more wood treatments to apply. Once your vinyl deck is installed, all you need to do is clean it with soap and water once every year and wash it when debris accumulates.

Vinyl decking is a quick and easy solution to deck rot that works great in Vancouver’s climate. Vinyl decks are water resistant and do not break down over time, unlike so-called “waterproof wood” decks. Vinyl decking is also a safer alternative, as you don’t have to worry about breaking loose or rotten boards when you step on them. If your wooden deck is due for an upgrade, vinyl decking is a safer, more effective solution that will last longer than traditional wood. Consider switching to vinyl today.

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