Vinyl Decking White Rock

Vinyl decking in White rock

Full Tarping of Deck

Vinyl Decking White Rock:

This house has three decks all over living space. It is situated in White Rock right near the Ocean. Due to the unpredictable weather and the high winds we had to fully tarp in the front of the house. This involved more than just throwing a tarp up. We had to build a small wall at the front, attach the tarp to the underside of the soffiting and attach it down to stable locations down below. Vinyl decking in White Rock brings it’s own unique challenges from the beginning to the end. After properly protecting the deck areas it’s important to do all the details in order to accommodate the heavy winds and hard rains the area gets.

Proper Deck Tarping:

Vinyl Deck

Inside the Tarp

When doing vinyl decking in White Rock protecting the deck and the area underneath it takes more than just hanging a tarp and exposing the roof deck to the elements. Every vinyl decking job we do in White Rock takes careful planning and a lot of attention to properly tarping the area in so as to protect it from the elements.



Vinyl Sundeck White Rock

When doing a vinyl sundeck in White Rock we typically cut the stucco 8″ off the deck surface

Stucco Detail:

Here we have cut the stucco 8 inches off the deck surface so we can bring the vinyl decking up the wall and then re-apply the stucco. This way when the 100 mph winds are whipping the water up the wall it wont be able to penetrate the roofing vinyl membrane. After the stucco is applied the walls will be painted so that you will never be able to tell that the stucco was ever cut.









 Rotten Post:

Vinyl Deck White RockRot Repair White Rock

This is a area were water was being driven into a beam and rotting out the post and beam assembly. We will be replacing both members and redesigning the whole assembly in order to avoid this problem from recurring. This type of rot is fairly common when doing vinyl decking in White Rock.

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