Vinyl Decking Is an Excellent Choice for Your North Vancouver Home

Vinyl Decking:

When deciding what type of deck to install at your North Vancouver home, you have many options to consider. Though this can be a tough choice for many, vinyl decks tend to be a common choice, and for good reason. There are many reasons why vinyl decking is the leading choice in North Vancouver, but here are the top five reasons why vinyl decking is an excellent option.

Vinyl Decking

Money: Save on Cost

One of the more obvious reasons that vinyl is a good choice is based strictly on cost. Vinyl tends to be less expensive than wood as a deck material. Especially when you’ve just bought your home, vinyl can offer the affordability and access that many homeowners crave, leaving your funds open to address other home improvements as well.

Maintenance: Easy to Clean

The weather-resistant material that makes up your vinyl deck is also incredibly easy to keep clean. Often, a gentle and regular spray of your garden hose will rid your vinyl deck of dirt and debris. You will only have to give your vinyl deck a quick scrub from time to time with some dish soap diluted in water to keep it maintained and looking and feeling clean.

Comfort: Avoid Splinters

Vinyl decks can still offer a warm wood-like appearance, but you don’t have to worry about the nuisances that come along with real wood: splinters. This means that you won’t have to experience the discomfort of getting a splinter, which is especially beneficial if you have children. You also won’t have to take the extra measure of consistently sanding your deck in order to avoid this.

Longevity: Great for Inclement Weather

To enhance and lengthen the lifetime of your deck, especially with a home in North Vancouver where the weather is generally quite inclement, vinyl decks can be the best choice. Unlike wood decks, vinyl decks are less likely to attract fungus, mould, and moss, which tend to cause wood decay and severe damage to wood decks. Vinyl is also 100% resistant to rain and dampness, unlike wood, and with all the rain in North Vancouver, you’ll be happy to avoid the expansion problems that can occur with wooden decks.

vinyl deck

Aesthetics: Consistent, Non-Fading Beauty

Finally, another benefit of vinyl decking is that its appearance is long-lasting and non-fading. This means that regardless of what colour and type of vinyl you choose for your home, the appearance won’t fade or become dull for 15-20 years. Unlike wooden decks, which generally require constant upkeep and staining to keep them the colour the homeowner prefers, vinyl offers lower maintenance and an almost permanent visual aesthetic.

As you can see, a vinyl deck for your home has many advantages over wood decks, especially when living in a wet and inclement (but beautiful) place like North Vancouver. For more information on vinyl decking in North Vancouver, or to learn how to get a quality vinyl deck installation, give us a call and book your free quote. Your new deck construction could include 66 mil Tuf Dek vinyl decking with quality aluminum glass railings, all for a great price.

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