Vinyl Decking Detail

Vinyl Decking Details

Vinyl Deck

Vinyl Decking Details:

Using the proper vinyl decking details is critical for having a waterproof deck. One of the hardest vinyl decking detail is when there is a stucco wall to deal with. There is typically three options to consider, each has there own pro’s and con’s. Lets investigate each of them:


"vinyl decking system"

Face Seal System

Face Seal System:

This vinyl decking detail uses a PVC coated flashing that comes up the outside of the stucco wall and has a gum lip at the top. The vinyl decking is heat welded to the PVC coated flashing and then a urethane caulking is installed into the gum lip. This system is best suited when the stucco wall is in really good shape with no cracks in the stucco and has a overhang that protects part of the wall. One of the weak points is that if any water ever gets behind the stucco it will travel under the vinyl deck and will cause a leak. Before using this detail a thorough inspection of the wall must be done. It is one of the most economical vinyl decking details but is only applicable in certain situations.





"Counter Flashing Details"

Counter Flashing Details

   Counter Flashing Detail:

In this vinyl decking detail we cut the stucco a minimum of 6″ up the wall, we then install a flashing that goes in behind the stucco wall. The vinyl then goes up the wall. It is finished off with a baseboard trim installed under the flashing. This ensures that any water that gets behind the stucco wall will be diverted onto the flashing and exits the wall through the flashing. The draw back to this is the cost and it breaks up the appearance of the finished wall.

vinyl decking detailsNew stucco detail

New Stucco Detail:

This method involves us cutting the stucco 8″ up the wall, it’s important that the stucco wire is not cut so that when the new stucco is installed we can use the existing wire to avoid a weak joint in the stucco finish. This is by far the most expensive method but the best one.  The waterproofing is 100% and the wall is has a continuous finish. After the new stucco is applied it will require painting the whole wall so that it blends together.

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