Vinyl Decking, Cost-Effective Decking Option

Wondering what material to use for your new sundeck project? How about vinyl? This often-overlooked material actually presents many advantages over wood or aluminum decking options. Not only is vinyl decking cost-effective, it also requires less maintenance than wood or other decking materials. Here are a few more reasons why vinyl decking makes a great choice for your next sundeck project.

Vinyl Decking in Coquitlam

Save Time With This Low Maintenance Material

Many builders and homeowners are drawn to vinyl decking because of the low maintenance aspect. With vinyl decking, you can forget about staining, weatherproofing, and refinishing your deck. All you need to do to maintain a vinyl deck is to spray it clean when it’s dirty, and give it a good once-over with soap and water once per year. That’s it! If you’re looking for a material that you can install and then basically forget about, then vinyl might be right for you.

A Truly Cost-Effective Option

Many people also choose vinyl decking over wood or aluminum decking because it costs less. However, usually when you are choosing a less expensive product, you are also choosing a lower quality product. This is not the case with vinyl decking. When you go with vinyl, you’ll pay less per square foot, and end up with a product that many people prefer, regardless of the price.

Vinyl Decking in Coquitlam

Customize Your Design

Another great advantage of vinyl decking is that it allows you to completely customize the look of your deck. You can order vinyl decking in literally any colour under the sun. This is great if you want to be extra-creative and add a hot pink sundeck to your home, or if you simply have an exact colour in mind that you can’t achieve with other materials.

Don’t Worry About Water Damage

In addition to being easy to maintain, vinyl decks are also essentially worry-free. Anyone who owns a wooden deck will understand the hassle of having to inspect for water damage, and the complications that occur when water damage is discovered. With a vinyl deck, you can cast these worries aside. As opposed to wood, vinyl decks are 100% waterproof. This means that with a vinyl deck, you get the added bonus of a completely waterproof area underneath the deck as well.

Vinyl Decking in Coquitlam

A Long-Term Investment

For anyone looking to maximize their investment, or anyone who happens to live in a harsh climate, a vinyl deck is a great way to protect your investment. Vinyl decks have been proven to be more durable over the long term than wooden decks.

These are only some of the advantages of vinyl decking. But remember, a vinyl deck will not look like a wood deck. If the classic wooden look is what you’re after, there’s no way you’ll be able to achieve your desired look with vinyl. But if you’re looking for a more durable material that requires less maintenance and can be customized to suit your colour preference, then forget about the wood and take a look at vinyl instead.

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