Vinyl Deck Repair, Vancouver

"Vinyl deck repair" in Vancouver

Finished vinyl deck that we repaired

“Vinyl Deck Repair”

Arbutus Sundecks was called in to repair this vinyl deck that was leaking in Vancouver, the seams were coming apart and causing leaks into the living room. The railings were also mounted on top of the vinyl deck and was a weak point, so we made special pedestal pads to lift the bolt penetrations off the deck surface. After removing the railings and old vinyl decking we were able to sand and repair the plywood substrate and install a new vinyl decking on the surface.


Failing vinyl deck

Seams failing on this vinyl deck

Seams Failing:

This is a common problem that occurs with “fuzzy back vinyl”. The reason that seams fail with this type of vinyl that when trying to heat weld the seams you can’t melt the fuzzy backing to the top of the vinyl decking. We use vinyl backed vinyl so that when we heat weld the seams together we are melting vinyl to vinyl. This makes for a bullet proof seam that will never come apart. When doing a vinyl deck repair in Vancouver it’s critical that only the best vinyl products are used, with the amount of rain that we get a failing seam can cause thousands of dollars in damage.







Vinyl decking detail

Top mount railings with a pedestal pad installed

“Vinyl Decking Detail”:

We sometimes use this detail when we are re-using an existing top mount railing on a vinyl deck repair. A few considerations have to be taken into account before we use this detail. Primarily the biggest concern is that the bottom channel of the railing can’t be elevated higher than four inches, as per the B.C. Building code. The pedestal pad lifts the bolt penetrations up off the deck surface and therefore deflects all the water that is draining off the deck away from the bolt holes.

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