Vinyl Deck Covering, Burnaby

"Vinyl Deck Covering"

Graphite Vinyl Decking

This deck in Burnaby has a 66 mil TuffDek Graphite “vinyl deck covering” on it. When we were first called by the homeowner the deck had numerous soft spots on it from rot. Five years before the previous contractor had installed a layer of 1/2″ plywood over top of an existing vinyl deck covering and then applied a fiberglass on top. By doing this he had encased the plywood in between two waterproof deck membranes. What ends up happening is that the plywood can’t breath and ends up forming dry rot. Imagine taking a small piece of wood and putting it in a zip-lock bag, then place it in the sun. Within one hour their would be condensation formed in the bag. Encasing wood in between two waterproof membranes has the same effect.

Stripped to Framing

Before "Vinyl Deck Covering"

Ready for new Plywood

At this point we have stripped the two layers of plywood and the old “vinyl deck covering” off the deck and are ready to install the new 5/8″ select tongue and groove plywood. On this deck in Burnaby the slope was done properly so we just had to glue and screw the new plywood down. If you notice in the picture we have removed the first course of vinyl siding so that the new vinyl deck covering can lap up the walls behind the siding






Glueing down "vinyl deck covering"Ready for the vinyl deck covering

Vinyl Deck Covering

In this picture we have sanded down and filled all the joints in the plywood and are ready to install the “vinyl deck covering”. The client asked us to lay the vinyl with the slope of the deck and we have started to glue down the vinyl. When gluing down the vinyl deck covering we use a method called book folding, this means that carefully layout the vinyl and then fold it back halfway apply our latex glue and then smooth the vinyl out. We then repeat it for the next side, at this point the vinyl deck covering is laid and ready for the final step of welding the seams and flashing.





Welding a “Vinyl Deck Covering”

Welding a "vinyl deck covering"

Welding a “vinyl deck covering”

The final step in installing a vinyl deck covering is heat welding all the seams together and heat welding the vinyl to the flashing. With our “vinyl backed vinyl” we are melting vinyl to vinyl making for a bullet proof seam. We use a special heat gun that can produce a very even flow of heat to 600 degrees Celsius. This ensures that all the seams are evenly welded and fully waterproof.

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