Vinyl Balcony Repair

Vinyl Balcony Repair



Rotting BalconyA Tower of Balconies Repaired

These vinyl balconies were in serious need of repair, when we were called in for the initial deck inspection it was immediately apparent that they were unsafe to use. There were numerous areas of soft spots on the deck surface and the balconies were sagging at the corners. The railings were also extremely unsafe and needed to be repaired.







Tarping BalconiesBalcony repairs

Doing a vinyl balcony repair involves a proper amount of pre-planning and protecting the decks from the elements. We first start the vinyl balcony repair by setting up scaffolding so that our workers can safely access the decks and minimize the inconvenience to the occupants. Once that is done we set up tarps so that the balcony areas can remain dry for the vinyl balcony installation.






Rotting BalconyStructural Repairs to the Balconies

The main bearing beams were rotted on these vinyl balconies and had allowed the posts to start sinking into the beam. This made the balconies lean and were extremely close to having a failure. In order to fix these vinyl balconies the structural framing needed to be replaced, doing this is a difficult procedure because there are two other decks bearing upon this beam. We had to temporary support the upper decks and remove all of the rotting wood members. Once that was done we were able to start re framing the vinyl balconies.





Balcony Framing RepairFinished Framing Repairs

We used pressure treated 2×10’s for the front beam along with pressure blocking for the joists. All of the existing joists we used a special product on them called Boracol. This is a anti fungicide and insecticide treatment that we used on the joists that were not damaged, by doing this we can insure that all of the rot has been destroyed and there is no worry of an ant infestation.






Rotting Railings

Not only are these railings unattractive but they were also very unsafe. Numerous pieces of the railing were rotting and but simply throwing them out and replacing them was not an option. This balcony tower is one of many on this complex and aluminum profiles are no longer available. So we took the railings down and did a thorough investigation of them with our structural engineer and we were able to repair them back to today’sRailing Repair standard of safety.






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