Protect Your Patio with Versatile Aluminum Canopies

Let Arbutus Sundecks Provide Aluminum Canopies as Patio Covers

There is nothing more relaxing then taking a cool drink and your favorite music out onto the patio to have some time to yourself this summer. The blue Vancouver skies are clear as you lean your head back and slump fully into the lounge chair. Unfortunately, the bright sunlight beating down on your unprotected head causes you to hurry inside as you begin to suffer from the heat, the beginnings of a headache, and peeling skin from a sunburn. What you wouldn’t give to have the perfect patio covers for protection from the hot sunlight and the wet rain.

Aluminum Canopies Providing the Shade and Protection Your Patio Needs

You might have debated getting patio covers for your outdoor spaces due to the poor selection out on the market. You don’t want to have a flimsy fabric cover that can’t handle the Vancouver, BC. weather. You also don’t want to fully enclose the patio as you want to allow the fresh air to flow freely across the outdoor space. Here at Arbutus Sundecks, we offer aluminum canopies and a full range of sturdy patio covers to protect your outdoor space from all types of elements. The aluminum canopy can cover the entire patio area or a select part of the patio, such as where you have the outdoor furniture or eating area, to provide a more comfortable place to sit and relax.

Using the Strongest Materials Designed to Handle the Outdoor Elements

Our patio covers are constructed from the finest materials to withstand harsh wind, torrential rain, heavy snow and blistering sunlight. The aluminum canopies are designed to direct water, ice, snow and debris away from the home while still allowing the refreshing breeze inside, keeping your patio cooler when shading you from the sun and dry when a summer shower falls from the sky. Our aluminum canopies can also be installed with glass to allow the sunlight to shine through to keep your patio bright and welcoming. in addition, Arbutus Sundecks offers a variety of patio covers constructed of other materials, such as cedar posts and beams, to provide a wide range of options so that your deck will look beautiful for years to come.

Let Arbutus Sundecks Professionally Install Your Aluminum Canopies

Don’t let the fun end in your outdoor space just because of the bright sunlight or occasional rain shower. With the craftsmanship and professional care offered by Arbutus Sundecks, we can protect your patio by installing our aluminum canopies. You will love how your patio looks as you will fully enjoy the gorgeous weather throughout Vancouver, BC. Contact our sales representatives today so we can perform an assessment of your patio space. Then let us come up with the perfect designs and materials for your aluminum canopy so you have a fully functional outdoor patio that is protected.

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