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Sundecks in Vancouver

Vancouver Sundecks

Sundeck in West Vancouver

 Vancouver Sundecks

In Vancouver sundecks are famous for taking advantage of a mild climate and breathtaking views. One of the things that are overlooked when people are designing  Vancouver Sundecks is that we live in a rainforest and products and building practices that work in other climates can fail miserably here.The picture above shows a Vancouver Sundeck that was leaking into our clients house. When we were first called one of the main point of failure was the topless glass railing system that was used. It is a top mounted railing with the screws penetrating the water proof vinyl decking. It also had basically no slope and thus had puddles all over the sundeck. We tore off all the plywood and resloped the deck so that it has 2% slope. Now all  the water drained off the sides.

Top Mount Railings

Vancouver Sundeck Top mount railings

Top Mount Railings

We used a detail for the top mounted railings were we raised the mounting baseplate off the deck surface in order to eliminate the water from penetrating the screws and then causing the deck to leak. Vancouver Sundecks need to have the proper detailing done in order to ensure that every sundeck we do will remain water tight for decades. Click on this link to see all of our TufDek  color options for Vancouver Sundecks.







Vancouver Sundecks sloping

Custom sloping for Sundecks

Vancouver Sundecks custom Flashing

Here is a picture that really shows you the sloping that was needed for this deck. The owner was very concerned that there was no puddles on this sundeck so we incoporated a 2 % slope to it and ran the vinyl with the slope so that the seam build up would not puddle any water behind it.


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