Tuf Dek Vinyl Decking Coquitlam

Restore The Beauty of Your Roof Deck with Vinyl Decking Coquitlam

Named the Cultural Capital of Canada, Coquitlam offers its residents a wide range of outdoor leisure activities throughout the Lower Mainland. It is a common sight to see people take strolls along LaFarge Lake during the afternoons and then heading to their homes in Austin Heights or sunning themselves on their condominium roof decks in Coquitlam Town Centre. Yet the amount of wear and tear to a roof deck or sundeck caused by the variable British Columbia weather can make the surfaces look beat up and worn. Restore the life of your deck by having Arbutus Sundecks add Tuf Dek vinyl decking Coquitlam.

Professional Deck Restoration Services Using Tuf Dek

When you look at your water damaged and faded deck surface, your first thought is that if you install a new surface, it will just get damaged and worn again in a few short years. Yet Arbutus Sundecks can give you deck replacement options, such as by installing Tuf Dek over the existing plywood, as you will have a roof deck that is durable and sturdy while maintaining its beauty. Tuf Dek is a sheet vinyl membrane application and an approved roofing material that is 100% waterproof. The vinyl decking is glued down and then thermally welded in place for a seamless and waterproof surface. The material is flame resistant, will not puncture easily from debris or dropped objects, and has UV protections so the color will not become damaged or faded by the intense sunlight. Such an alternative for vinyl decking Coquitlam is ideal for homeowners who are looking to save money while having a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy throughout the summer.

Why Arbutus Sundecks Recommends Tuf Dek Applications for Roof Decks

Whether you plan to have a new roof deck installed or you have an existing one in place, we recommend that you seek out the added protection that Tuf Dek provides. Your deck will be directly exposed to all types of rain, snow, damaging storms and blistering heat. Having the surface lined with vinyl decking Coquitlam can ensure that it will last for decades with minimal maintenance. Here at Arbutus, we use only the toughest and most durable materials for our deck restoration services. We tested several different varieties of decking materials and were impressed by the thermal bonded seal and strength of Tuf Dek. Check out our video that shows the performance of Tuf Dek during our tests to have a clearer understanding of the benefits of this material.

Obtain a Professional Assessment of Your Deck

You should have a durable and protected roof deck when you want to relax and sip your cold drink while looking out at Eagle Ridge or the surrounding communities near Coquitlam during the summer evenings. Tuf Dek vinyl decking Coquitlam can give you the beautiful and long-lasting surface that you desire. Contact Arbutus Sundecks today to have a professional assessment of your roof deck. Then we can provide you with various options so you can have an upgraded deck that has the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

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