Topless Glass Railings: Five Ways They Keep You – and Your Pristine View – Safe

Installing a topless glass railing is becoming the trendy way to finish a deck refurbishment. What makes them so desirable is that your view of the lush mountains and greenery remains unobstructed while your railing provides for a safe boundary for your guests to enjoy. So whether you’re looking for a sensible solution or huge aesthetic benefits, the choice to go glass should be clear. But beyond the beauty is the fact that a glass railing also offers premium protection and addresses safety concerns for families with or without children.

Protection Against Unnecessary Accidents

Whether you’re on the top floor of a residential apartment or simply looking to enclose a rear-facing deck off your main floor house, glass railings create a guaranteed barrier to prevent guests from slipping or falling. The sturdy aluminum fin posts offer full stability and will be able to support the weight of your guests leaning or bumping into the glass. Glass also offers a high resilience to wind and will never buckle or feel unstable. This is particularly desirable for guests who may have mobility issues and require a strong support system when standing or walking on your deck.

Protection Against Accident Claims

Homeowners concerned with insurance protection will already know that if your deck is at a minimum of 24″ off the ground, law requires there to be a railing of some sort. Your policy will be enacted if a guest suffers a fall or requires long-term medical care, so simply having the added protection of a railing will help reduce the inherent risk of having a patio.

No More Wobbly Hand or Guard Rails

Because the Aluminum fin posts securely enclose the 12 mil clear tempered glass, you’ll be happy to discover that the railing system we install will never become wobbly, unlike wooden options. Over time, wood can tend to rot or warp, creating instability in the hand or guard rails which can become a safety hazard for guests requiring extra assistance when standing at the edge of your deck or climbing stairs. We offer fascia mounted rails that are installed without the need to penetrate the deck itself, allowing for a cleaner look and easier maintenance, and of course, the ultimate option for solid construction.

Baby Proofing for Your Deck

The main issues for children on decks have to do with either climbing or entrapment hazards. Glass railing can be customized to make sure that there are no gaps more than 4″ wide. As well, architectural details can accommodate the absence of a climbable step or grating at the foot of the railing. Safety proofing your deck can greatly be increased if you make sure to: Keep furniture away from the edge of the deck, get a gate lock that is unreachable for small hands and also consider an alarm system for your deck door that will sound whenever it’s opened.

No Rotting or Splitting Means No Splinters

Unlike wood that can rot or split due to warping and buckling, glass will never produce splinters. Because the rail and glass is smooth, you’ll never catch clothing on a snag nor will your guests ever need to worry about injury due to a sliver.

For topless glass railings West Vancouver residents have a variety of options in terms of style and design to keep the mountains in sight while affording practical protection for their home. Talk to one of our consultants today for a free quote or more information on the options available for your deck design. For both safety and aesthetic purposes, learn more about the benefits to including glass railings on your deck.

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