Five Reasons to Go With a Hardwood Deck

Deciding what type of material to use with your deck is an important decision. Choosing the right material can mean your deck will be beautiful and built to last. Choosing the wrong material will only cause frustration. There are many reasons to go with a hardwood deck, and each type of wood has its own perks. Let’s take a look at why it is best to use hardwood decking such as Batu.

Hardwood Decking

Using Pressure Treated Lumber is Cheaper and Still Works Well

Mock lumber is a popular contemporary alternative to actually assembling your deck. This material is basically rot-proof and bug-proof. While it does the job well, there are more attractive forms of hardwood decking that will ensure your deck is well protected.

Ipe is About as Sturdy as it Gets

Ipe wood is from South America, and is considered one of the best woods for ensuring your deck is free from rot and bugs. The wood is so incredibly hard that it is almost impossible to burn. That will give you extra security when your deck is assembled, and it could help you sleep better at night. You should note, however, that some hardwood decking that is harvested from the rainforest is a controversial ethics and sustainability issue. Our suppliers all follow stringent guidelines from IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environmental and Renewable Natural Resources)  and if sustainability is important to you, you should ensure the lumber was harvested in a responsible manner.

Cedar Redwood is Some of the Best Wood Around

You know that with red wood you will be getting some of the best protection for your deck that you could possibly get. Using this type of wood will have you protected from much of the wet and dampness that the weather can bring. This is a softwood and requires a higher amount of maintenance and upkeep as opposed to Hardwood Decking.

Philippine Mahogany is Expensive But Potentially Worth it

Philippine mahogany is an extremely tight wood that makes it very difficult for any moisture to get inside the grooves, and that means it won’t require frequent heavy coats of oil to ensure that the wood doesn’t split and distort. This wood is among the best materials for building a deck, although this also means it is slightly more expensive than other alternatives.

Hardwood Sundeck

The Western Red Cedar is Best for Wet Climates

The Western Red Cedar is a coastal wood, which means it is accustomed to extremely wet conditions. The wood is also a less expensive alternative to types such as the Philippine mahogany and Ipe, which can be substantially more expensive. However, Western Red Cedar is a very popular and reasonable option for your decking needs.

Choosing Hardwood Could Be Your Best Decision

All of these hardwoods have several factors in common. They will help to ensure your deck does not rot, and they will ensure that bugs and moisture stay well off of the surface. However, many decks do need a coat of finish in order for you to get the best out of them. Remember to check around areas where water collects to see if there is any fading. This could be an indication the wood needs a coat of oil. The above is just a few choices you have when it comes to the finish of your Sundeck, give us a call to have us come by for a free consultation.

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