Tips for Preparing Your Home for New Deck Construction

Deck construction begins at home. That’s because before you can start construction on a new deck, you need to make sure that your home itself is adequately prepared. Building a new deck can be a big job, and preparing your home properly makes that job a lot easier. Not only that, all of the procedures described below will help you to avoid problems in the future like water damage and rotting, and keep you from running into trouble with building code violations. Here’s what you need to know about preparing your home for new deck construction.

Deck Construction in White Rock

Check Local Building Code Regulations

The first step in any building project is to make yourself aware of your municipality’s building code regulations. Different municipalities will have different regulations, so it’s important that you check your local building code to make sure that you aren’t breaking any bylaws. Building codes can cover such specifics as the permitted location of your deck, the decking materials allowed, and the type of structural support system allowed. If you live in the city of Vancouver, you can find out more about building requirements by visiting the city’s website. Otherwise, check with your local municipality to find out more about the building requirements in your area.

Note the Location of Important Household Features

The second step in preparing your home for deck construction is to look for all of the external features of your home that could be affected by your new deck. Specifically, you should be looking for things like drain pipes, septic tanks, crawlspace entries, and any other external features that are essential to the functioning of your home. The key with adding any new feature to a home is to avoid disturbing any of the existing features. If your new deck will end up blocking an important drainage area, you may need to re-route your drainage system or change the location of your deck.

Deck Construction in White Rock

Prepare the Ground Below the Deck

Once you’ve inspected the exterior of your home, you can move on to preparing your yard for its new addition. First, mark out where your deck will sit, and make sure to include space for stairs and overhangs. All of the ground below your deck will need to be clear of grass, weeds, and other types of vegetation. It’s also a good idea to cover the ground underneath your deck with landscape fabric to make sure that vegetation doesn’t start growing again once you’ve installed the deck.

Ensure That You Have Proper Drainage Capacity

If you’re building a wooden deck, you’ll have to prepare the ground below the deck for drainage. Any standing water can damage a deck. That means that if the ground below is not adequately prepared for drainage, you will either have to change the landscaping or install a new drainage system.

Deck Construction in White Rock

If you’re considering installing a deck, take some time to look at your home and lawn first. This will ultimately give you a better idea of whether or not the deck you want will actually work with the home you live in. Then, once you’ve done so, you’ll be one step closer to turning your deck building dreams into reality.

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