Strata Balcony Repair

Strata Balcony Repair

Balcony Repair

Strata Balcony Repair:

A strata balcony repair needs special considerations, first off we are dealing with more than one owner there is usually three to four people directly involved and they answer to the whole Strata Council. This means that all aspects of the repairs need to be properly documented and approved so that it is clear to everyone involved what has to be done. This way it is easy for the people involved to¬†easily communicate to the council the process that is happening and the reasons for the repairs. With Strata Balcony repairs it’s also typical to have balconies that are three stories tall. This means that a proper and safe scaffold needs to be erected, this way the workers can safely access the decks and perform the work with minimum inconvenience to the property owners.

Balcony Repair

Project Start Up

Project Start Up:

When starting a Strata Balcony Repair having a proper site plan in place is key to having a successful project. From my years of experience I have found that there are three keys to success and they are as follows.

  • Safety:¬†

Having a safe work site is one of the most important factors in any project we take on. This includes safety for the workers and keeping the site safe for all of the owners that are living on the project. This takes having a proper plan in place and making sure that the plan is properly implemented.

  • Communication:

Properly communicating with the Strata and all of the workers performing the work keeps everyone up to date with the work that is being performed and ensures that all of the proper detailing is done. With these days of technology using a combination of pictures, videos and reports we can keep of of the key players up to date at all times.

  • Proper Waterproofing Details:

For Strata balcony repairs just fixing the balconies is not enough it’s important to look at all of the weak areas and address each one. This usually includes wall to deck transitions, post details, flashing details etc..

At the end of the project doing a thorough walk through with the clients and explaining the key components gives everyone a clear picture of the quality of workmanship and ensures the complete satisfaction of the owners.

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