Some Before And After Deck Photos

Sometimes as builders it can be hard to remember what the deck looked like before the job began. We spend so much focused on the small details in every job that the change it has made can be lost. Not to mention the fact that we are only at the job site for a short amount of time and then onto the next one. Its the customer who spends all the time around the deck and notices the big change. Here are a few before and after shots from jobs recently that we are proud to look back on.

Adding a touch of class to an old worn out space

composite deck with glass canopy

This back yard had a lot of potential but with a lot of unused space. The gravel and garden beds were installed by the previous owners of this home and didn’t work for the new owners. After a few days work, the new owner has given their family a space that will be used for years to come.

Creating a relaxing space to sit amongst nature

composite deck glass railings glass canopy

This home in North Vancouver’s Lynn Valley has the most tranquil setting for relaxing amongst nature. With the trees and the creek below, its easy to see why this family wanted to make this a comfy spot to relax in. This deck was terribly aged and had some structural damage underneath where the ground had begun to fall away. With some structural integrity added back in, new composite decking boards from Timbertech and a glass canopy, this back yard has been transformed and ready for everyone to relax in all year round.

Taking out the old and putting a new entry way to this couples deck space

cedar railing vinyl deck composite stairs

This smaller sized deck in Kitsilano needed to utilise all the space it could to maximise usage for the family. The old railing system was mounted onto the deck. This manages to cut off a small portion of deck near the gate. Not to mention the narrow staircase. After tending to some rot repair and replacing the old worn vinyl membrane, a new wider stair case was built. This utilises the entire width of the deck. With some fresh new hand rails, a freshly built cedar railing system was built on the outside of the deck. This gives the family back all the space they have lost, and gives the deck life for years to come.

Out with the old worn out deck and into the modern era

composite deck glass railing led lights

This home in Deep Cove had lots of space around their pool but wasn’t utilising it the best. Not to mention the cedar deck boards and rails had certainly aged over the years. With a complete rebuild from the ground up, this new deck sits atop a 4×4 sleeper system. Incredibly sturdy and holds the new composite decking boards great. With a glass railing system installed and some well placed LED lights, this backyard has moved out of the olden age and into the modern world of sophistication.

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