Seven Surefire Signs a deck repair is needed

Deck Repair

While you may not want to think about spending the money, it’s estimated that of the nearly 100 million Americans that have a porch or deck, there are approximately 20 million decks that require repair. If you’re among them and you’ve noticed any of the following, you may want to get to fixing sooner rather than later.

deck repair

Rotting Boards

As decks made of wood can be negatively impacted by water, it’s important to take note of any boards that are showing signs of rotting or softness. Because decks are generally exposed to the elements, wood can degrade over time and may no longer have the durability to serve its required function. If there are soft spots its definitely time for a deck repair.

Cracked Wood

While rotting boards can negatively impact the safety of your deck, there are other signs that the wood needs to be replaced. It’s only natural that certain cracks will appear in a deck over time, but if you notice large cracks or many cracks throughout, it’s important to have a deck repair as soon as possible.

Loose or Corroded Hardware Connections

Since most issues encountered with decks are related to how it’s attached to a building, you’ll want to check the screws and nails that fasten your deck to your house. If these are sticking out or many of the metal attachments are showing signs of corrosion, this will impact their usefulness and may impede their function in the future.

Missing Hardware

While checking for loose hardware connections is very important, it’s also important that there’s more than just nails attaching your deck to your house. In addition to the presence of nails, there should be screws, metal connectors, and fasteners to ensure that the deck is securely fastened.

A Sagging Structure

When looking at your deck, make sure you check out the entire foundation, including posts and beams that provide the structure for your deck. If you notice any sagging in the middle of the deck or anywhere else posts are not present, you’ll need to think about adding in new beams or posts as part of your deck repair.

Sketchy Stairs

As stairs can be very dangerous if they’re not illuminated and not properly equipped, you’ll want to make sure there’s a railing for people using the stairs to hang on to, particularly if the stairs are steep. It’s also a good idea to install a light for the stairs that you can turn on late at night when it’s much easier to miss or misestimate a step.

Loose Deck Railings

Since people often lean in to railings and hang off them, a loose or wobbly railing has the potential to cause serious injury if it’s not discovered. Keep in mind that while a railing should be firm and solid when pushed against, the slots should also be close enough together that no one can fall through or slip.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs of an aging deck, you should think about deck repair as soon as possible. As many issues related to a faulty deck can lead to serious injury, fixing them right away will help you avoid this and also make your deck the safe and fun place it should be for your family to hang out.

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