Rot Repair On A Deck Upgrade

Rotted deckWe started on this deck late last week and quickly discovered a major problem. The door was leaking and causing issues on the deck below. This would require some rot repair. The floor had become soft and was causing structural issues to the deck. First step is to remove the old vinyl and tear up the underlaying plywood. This deck had 2 layers of plywood which is quite odd but both layers were rotting near the door.

After both layers of plywood were up, the damage to the ledger was quite obvious. But this wasn’t the extent of the damage. After removing the rotted joists and the section of ledger that was rotted, the rot extended to the bottom of the neighbouring wall and the floor underneath inside.

Once all the totally rotted areas are cut out and removed, the entire area is treated with a solution called Boracol, which helps stop the rot process. This will help to prevent the problem getting worse.

Rot RepairAfter all the affected areas are treated, the process of adding support in place of the removed structure. In this case a few pieces of plywood and some 2×4 is used to prop the wall up and add support under the door. This type of repair can be quick and easy and will give the deck life for more years to come. Best to fix these issues as soon as they are discovered. Rot Repair can be an easy to fix to a dangerous problem with a deck.

With the damaged areas tended to, the next step is to prepare the deck for the installation of the new flooring and railing system. This deck will have brand new Deksmart Vinyl flooring installed just in time for Summer.

Stay tuned for more updates on this deck build in Mount Pleasant.

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