Three Reasons to Consider Repairing Instead of Replacing Your Deck

If you’ve noticed signs of aging on your  deck, you might be holding off on deck repair or replacement because you’re worried about the time or financial cost. Deck replacement isn’t always necessary, and sometimes deck repair is a viable option. As completely replacing a deck is often an expensive and lengthy process, here are some reasons that repairing it might be possible.

Deck Repair

Is the Damage Superficial and Not Structural?

For the sake of safety, it’s important when approaching deck repair and replacement to first determine if the problem is structural. While only a professional inspector will be able to determine if the damage caused by poor drainage or errors in construction makes replacement a necessity, there are more aesthetic aspects or localized damages that will not require a complete deck replacement. For example, if water pooling and incorrect drainage has led to a rotting board in one specific area of the deck, you may be able to get away with just replacing the board that has been negatively impacted, saving money, time and most of your deck! Likewise, in the event of deck damage due to pests, you may be able to avoid complete replacement if you catch the infestation early.

Is it a Necessary Expense?

It goes without saying that replacing your entire deck can be a huge expense. While replacement is necessary for the safety of your family if something is structurally unsound, if your deck is just an eyesore that may not be a good enough reason to consider complete replacement. In the event that it’s the aesthetic appeal that you’re worried about, you may want to invest instead in plants or flower boxes or even a nice patio set that will make your deck more hospitable until the time comes that it really needs to be overhauled. While accessories and minor aesthetic repairs will put you back a little bit, they will cost significantly less than replacing your entire deck.

vinyl deck repair

Is it an Easy Fix?

Even if the damage to your deck is not structural, there may still be some repairs that require a higher cost and a replacement. However, there are things that can be repaired quite easily that will save money and will prolong the life of your deck. For example, if nails have popped out and it’s causing twisting boards or loose railings, you can easily install longer nails so that they are less likely to pop out in the future and will securely fasten the deck boards. If you want ensure that your repairs will keep your deck in good shape over a long period of time, try and keep the surface of your deck clean with no pile-ups of leaves that can hold water. You may also want to rinse the deck off on a consistent basis so that the surface is clear and damage is less likely.

Deck repair doesn’t have to be a hassle. While you’ll want to contact a professional who can reliably determine if your deck needs to be replaced, there are many deck problems that just require a simple repair or an aesthetic change. Whether it’s loose nails or just saving a bit of money, roof deck repair can be a better option for prolonging the life of your deck.

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