Roof Deck Repair: Signs and Symptoms of a Roof Deck in Need of TLC

A roof deck is a great way to get outside and enjoy life, but don’t forget that all roof decks need a little TLC every once in a while. Proper maintenance of your roof deck is very important, since a damaged roof deck can affect not just the deck itself, but also your home. This applies to all roof decks – even those constructed with weather-resistant materials can still become damaged by extreme weather or excessive usage. Here’s how to tell if it’s time for some roof deck repair.

Roof Deck Repair in Vancouver

Look for Signs of Rotting

The worst thing you can find on your roof deck is a sign of rotting. Rotting means that your roof deck is becoming unstable, and needs to be repaired immediately. If roof deck rot gets out of hand, it can start to damage the structure of your home. Roof decks will rot because they are either absorbing too much moisture from outside, or absorbing too much moisture due to warm moist air escaping from the inside of your home. If your decking material is discoloured, or if the material is starting to break down, you are probably looking at a rot issue. If you spot signs of rotting, take action by repairing them immediately or calling a professional.

Check All Supporting Materials

Roof Deck Repair in VancouverIn addition to inspecting the surface material of your deck, you should be sure to check all of the deck’s supporting materials as well. This means taking a look at the deck’s drainage system, support joists, hardware, and any other supporting materials. It’s a good idea to test the drainage system by pumping water through it even when the weather is clear. That way you know your deck will be safe even if you’re hit with some unexpected rainfall. Also be sure to not just look at, but also thoroughly inspect the rest of the supporting materials. That means physically testing the material to make sure that its structural integrity is still intact.

Inspect All Finishes

Once you’ve determined that the deck is structurally sound, you should take a closer look at the finishes on your decking material. Check your stain and weatherproofing to see if the roof deck is ready for a new protective coat. If you apply new weatherproofing at the first signs of deterioration, you can avoid many of the more serious problems that many roof deck owners experience.

Pay Attention to High Traffic Areas

During your inspection, be sure to pay extra attention to high traffic areas like doorways. Chances are if your roof deck is damaged anywhere, it will be damaged in one of these areas. Damage can occur anywhere, so don’t neglect the other areas of your deck, but be sure not to skip too quickly over high traffic areas either.

Roof Deck Repair in Vancouver

Once you’ve ensured that your roof deck is in good shape, you can go back to relaxing and enjoying that great rooftop view. Just remember that all roof decks need regular inspection. Consider creating a monthly maintenance plan for yourself. That way you won’t miss any roof deck repair issues, and you’ll stop any roof deck damage from spreading to your home.

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