Replacing Rotted Framing With New Boards

This week I started a new job in Lynn Valley and I discovered rotted framing where the railing posts attached. I will address this before moving forward. First step in this process is removing all the affected areas and assessing any further damage hidden underneath.

Rotted joistTo begin with, this first joist on the outside looks to have a small amount of rot towards the top of the board. It doesn’t look terrible, but it doesn’t look great either. There is no damp or moist rot in this area so it looks like the rotting process has stopped. At first I envision simply to sister on another joist next to this damaged one as the rest of the board looks to be intact. I underestimated the extent of this rot. After taking the claw side of my hammer to the rot to pull away any loose areas, the extent of this damage is clear.Rotted joist This board is no longer a strong outer rim for this deck, this board is now two separate boards and needs to be gone.

First thing is do is disconnect the joist from the ledger and the front rim and simply remove it. Along with this, I remove the front rim and the same joist on the other side of the deck. All these boards are nearly rotted through due to the lack of waterproofing where the railings attach.

With the damaged boards removed, I measure and re-install fresh new boards. Here I add some extra strength by doubling up the boards in all these areas. This will help with the strength of the deck, but also give a strong structure for the new railings to attach to.

Now all the rotted framing has been tended to, tomorrow we move on to the rest of the deck.

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