Paving Stones for Decks: How They Can Transform Your Wood or Vinyl Deck

Paving stones for decks in Vancouver are quickly becoming a major design trend. The benefits are not only aesthetic, but also practical. While wood is a great choice for decks that lie a fair distance from the ground, rain and dampness can ruin wood decks that lie directly on the ground. This is why some designers are choosing to use paving stones for decks that lie on both the surface and above the ground. Some consumers are even unaware that using paving stones for decks on condos is an option. In terms of style, stone can dramatically modernize the look of your pre-existing deck with reflective surfaces that can engage with the natural environment and the day’s changing sunlight. They should be definitely considered as an option if you’re planning on updating and redesigning your deck.

Paving stones

Long Life and Easy Maintenance

In terms of durability, stone is unparalleled in its ability to last. When considering the increase to the value of a property, there is no better choice for outside areas. While properly oiled and pressure treated wood decks can withstand much of the damp weather, stone naturally resists infestations of termites and will never suffer from mould or bacterial infection. Water damage is simply not a concern. A properly installed deck with the appropriate slope for easy drainage and sufficient waterproofing (in the form of a vinyl roofing membrane) will never allow water to accumulate. And of course, all you need to do is wipe it down to keep it neat and clean and prevent moisture from building up on the surface.

Choose Basic Black for Sophistication

A beautiful way to finish a deck is to install clean looking, shiny black slate. High-end hotels and resorts have favoured this option for years and for good reason. While they are extremely durable and easy to maintain in terms of cleaning, they also evoke the earthy, rocky quality of the surrounding mountains. Perfect for a modern touch to a condo or townhome exterior, they offer a sophisticated foot-feel while creating an opulent foundation for patio furniture, clay planters and even a barbecue or outdoor fire pit. If having a fire option is in your design, paving stones for decks are a safe and durable solution to reduce risk and protect your investment.

What to Consider Before Installing Paving Stones for Decks

Apart from aesthetic concerns, be sure to discuss your structural integrity with a deck builder. Because weight is an issue, you need to be sure that your structure can adequately handle the extra pressure on the deck framing. In some instances (and depending on the type of stone you wish to use) it may be advised that you upgrade your frame by adding load-bearing joists and beams. You will want to have a professional inspection of your pre-existing frame in order to better understand what type of work may be required.

The benefits to having paving stones as your deck covering are plentiful. And because of the many options, textures, colours and patterns of available stone, you need to talk to a specialist before you consider moving ahead with a deck project. Call us today to discuss a framing package and inspection or to get a free quote. We can help address your concerns about weight and cost and answer detailed questions about the benefits of paving stone as a deck material so you can be sure that this is the right option for your home.


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