Leaking Roof Deck

When you live in a coastal city like Vancouver, you want to be outside as much as possible on the clear days. Having a roof deck on your home allows you to still be outside while keeping all the comforts of home nearby. However, if your roof deck springs a leak, you could very suddenly be in danger of having serious damage done to your living room, bedroom, or to the structural integrity of your roof. Here is some information about different kinds of roof deck materials, how to maintain your roof deck’s structural integrity, and the best ways to save money when confronted with fixing or replacing your roof deck at home.

Leaking roof deck

Assessing What Kind of Roof Deck Leak You Have Could Save You From Making a Costly Repair

No matter what kind of roof deck leak you have, you need to address the problem immediately, as a roof deck needs to be fully waterproof. There are a wide variety of factors associated with roof deck leaks, ranging from your roof deck being sloped towards or away from your home, to the materials of your roof deck being inadequately installed or decomposing due to weathering and age. The first thing you will want to do is ensure the water from your roof deck leak is not affecting the interior of your home. You should check your attic and the ceiling directly below where you think the leak is coming from. Assessing you roof deck leak incorrectly could lead to unnecessary repairs to your roof system that will inevitably waste your time and money.

Common Symptoms and Causes of a Roof Deck Leak

You will likely become aware of your roof deck leak by discovering the leak inside your home, or by discovering a soft spot on your deck, which is probably due to improper details. It is so important to discover the cause of your roof deck leak that you should go so far as to tear up the damaged part of your deck to get at the exact problem. This way, you can see exactly where the damage has been done. However, many decks are constructed in such a way that they “float” above the concrete or waterproof membrane directly adhered to your roof, and in that case it might be difficult to discover the leak until it’s already affected the interior of your home. You should also find out if your roof’s drainage systems are working correctly before you call a professional, as your problem might simply be a matter of clearing away some debris as opposed to major reconstructive work, which will cost you thousands.

The Estimated Cost of Doing the Repair Yourself Compared to Work Done by a Professional

Doing the work yourself comes with the risk of not having properly assessed the damage and how to repair the leaking roof deck, which might lead you to do a repair that won’t actually address the problem. For instance, if you discover a roof leak and apply a sealant to make your roof waterproof, you might be neglecting a problem with your roof’s flashing, or simply coating over a problem that might affect the structural integrity of your deck and, ultimately, your roof. The cost of materials for doing your own repair could be a few hundred dollars in wood, tile, slate, or waterproof membrane, but a repair done by a professional will ensure the problem is addressed efficiently and they will likely guarantee their work, making the hourly wage you will have to pay your repair company worthwhile. Also, we recommend contacting a roof deck repair expert that uses 66 mil Tuf Dek for waterproofing your vinyl decking.

If you have a leaking roof deck, do what you can to learn the source and severity of your leak before consulting a professional roofing repair company. The longer you wait to repair your roof deck, the longer the water has to work its way into the interior of your home, making the initial problem that much more serious. If you live in Vancouver and have a leaky roof deck, call us before your roof deck leak turns into a home renovation disaster.

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