Devastating Damage from Leaking Deck

Many homeowners enjoy using their decks for everything from entertaining to relaxing on their own. A deck provides you with a wonderful outdoor living space that makes it convenient for you to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, and many decks have been well-made to withstand damage from the elements and other natural forces. However, even the strongest decks will require repairs from time to time, and even a small leaking deck is not something that you want to delay completing.

Leaking Deck

Water Damage

How a Small Leaking Deck Can Cause Incredible Damage

Whether you have smaller or larger leak or other types of damage, it is important to have the damage professionally repaired as soon as possible. If you have a roof deck installed on the home, the water that penetrates through the roof deck could ultimately work its way into the home. Even water that is permitted to fall into the space between the deck and the roof may create wood rot or may cause mold growth. This can create a much larger problem for homeowners to contend with, and this type of damage could easily be prevented if a small leak was addressed quickly.

Deck Repair

A Word About Energy Efficiency

If you are like most homeowners, you may not think that your deck has much to do with energy efficiency. However, if you have a roof deck, the deck does indeed provide you with an extra layer of protection and insulation on the home. When the deck is well-sealed, it can minimize the chance of air from penetrating into the home. Even worse is when the insulation gets wet it losses all of its abilities to properly insulate your home. This can ultimately cause the home’s heating and cooling system to have to function in overdrive to maintain an ideal temperature in the home. When added stress is placed on the unit, it can increase repair bills and can decrease the life of the unit. By repairing the leaking deck, you can keep the home as energy efficiency as possible and can decrease the chance of these extra expenses in the home.

Deck Construction

Whether you have already noticed visible signs of damage to your deck or you believe that you may have a damaged area, the best step to take is to contact the team at Arbutus Sundecks. Arbutus Sundecks provides a full range of deck services. If the deck is severely damaged, a renovation or a full replacement may be needed. Both wood and vinyl materials can be used to complete the repair or renovation work.

Even if the repair needs are small, you can rest assured that the professionals at Arbutus Sundecks are up for the task. You can reach out to the team today to request a consultation and an inspection of the deck as a first step in the repair process.

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