Illuminate Your Deck With LED Lights

Give your deck a modern touch by installing LED Lights and illuminating your deck like never before. By adding discreet lighting around your deck area, you change the entire feel of your in the night hours. Giving your deck more life and usability no matter what time of day or night it is.

What Do They Look Like?

LED LightsThese lights are so discreet but make such a big impact when installed. There are options for the appearance of the light fixture and also the Kelvin of the light output.

What is Kelvin you ask? Kelvin is a light scale that basically determines if a light is warm, or cool. A warm light is usually the way to go as the warm tones create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Cooler lights definitely have their place in a deck area to help illuminate trees or defining features such as walls, planters or water features.

Not only can you choose the tone of the light output, the fixture comes in a variety of different styles. From chrome, to matte black and a range of metal tones. Ensuring the right colour option can be chosen for the right deck.

Does my deck even need LED Lights?

There are times where LED Lights are not necessary on a deck space. Having a smaller deck with LED lights can make it feel cramped and small. With the LED being so close to the seating area the light can a distraction for the eyes.

On larger deck areas, LED lights can be used as accent lighting to showcase unique features on your deck. Such as water features, rock walls, trees, or any other distinguishing feature you wish to highlight.

LED lights can also be used to distinguish different areas of the deck, the seating area separated from the cooking area for example. Also used to draw attention to possible danger areas at night, such as steps, ledges and the perimeter of the deck.

There are a million different ways to use an LED light on your deck, just have to find the right combination of kelvin, fixture and purpose.

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