How to use a waterproof deck coating

Waterproofing a Deck

Waterproof deck coating

Liquid membrane

There are various products available to waterproof a deck. One product is a liquid coating, this method is extremely durable and easy to maintain if installed properly. It’s important that the installer knows how to use a waterproof deck coating. There is more to it than just pouring the liquid membrane on and rolling it out. The first thing to do is decide which waterproofing liquid coating is best for your deck.

Waterproof Deck Coating

You want to always use a two part system, one being the base coat. The base coat is the waterproofing part of the system. The top coat acts as a UV inhibitor, applies a color and texture to the deck coating.  The base coat needs to be applied with a v-notched trowel. This ensures that the coating goes on to a consistent thickness on the whole deck. The thickness of the base coat needs to be at least 40 mils thick. After the first coat has cured, usually 24 hours the second top coating can be applied. This top coat is applied with a roller and then you cast sand into it to give the waterproof deck coating a slip resistant texture. After casting sand into it you back roll the top coat so as to fully embed it into the membrane. When casting the sand into the waterproof deck coating its important to apply it evenly. There are a few different techniques for this. The best one is a simple bucket with holes in the bottom of it and using it like a salt shaker. When you start a deck its important that the same person that is casting the sand into the deck is the same person for the whole deck. Everyone has a different natural pattern and if you change people it will be noticeable. When done properly a waterproof deck coating will last for many years and it is very easy to apply a new top coat to bring it back to looking like new. Watch our video on You Tube to see how its done.

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