Here’s Why Deck Railings Are Necessary for Safety and Style

When it comes to your deck, your deck railings are just as important a feature to consider as the base material. You have a choice when it comes to designing your deck, and you will also have to make a choice when it comes to your railings! Your choice of deck railing is an opportunity to update how your deck looks and functions, and it’s also an opportunity to stay on top of current home trends. In Vancouver right now, stainless steel, glass, and aluminum railings are all trends. However, while deck railings are necessary for home style, they are also required for safety. Read on for more information on how deck railings are necessary for both safety and for your home’s style.

Here's Why Deck Railings Are Necessary for Safety and Style

Deck Railings are Required for Decks Higher than 24″ from the Ground

If your deck is more than 24″ from the ground, deck railings are actually required. Deck railings are a necessary safety measure, protecting children and preventing unnecessary accidents. Height regulations of deck railings do tend to vary, but in general 42″ is sufficient.

Deck railings are designed in a way to prevent children from falling off the balcony, but the railings are also measured in a way to ensure children cannot climb underneath the railings or between the railings. No climbable holds are permitted too close to the bottom or top of the railings either, in order to discourage children from climbing over the railings.

Deck railing regulations are clearly implemented for safety reasons, but depending on individual taste and design, they can also be made for privacy.

Deck Railings Come in a Variety of Styles

What’s great about deck railings is that they can be made to match personal taste. Deck railings allow a deck to be customizable, and can help a home stand out and leave a lasting impression. Before choosing deck railings, consider whether you want your deck and deck railings to match or contrast, and whether you want them to be decorative or just plain. Once you’ve answered these questions, you can choose a material for the deck railings that match your personal style taste and the safety requirements.

There is a Range of Materials Available

You had to make a choice when it came to your deck’s design, but you’ll also have to make a choice when it comes to the material your deck railings will be made of. The range of materials available can also match personal style requirements. Deck railings can be made from a variety of different wood, vinyl, aluminum, composites or glass. These materials can even be matched. Your price range, personal taste, and how much time you want to spend on maintenance will all depend on which material or materials you end up choosing for your deck railings.

Deck railings are hugely important. Not only are they integral – and required – for keeping your family safe, but they are also an opportunity to add style to your backyard. Your deck railings can update your home and show that you’re up-to-date with Vancouver’s latest home trends.

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