Advantages of Hardwood Decking

Over time, the Vancouver weather can have a negative impact on your wooden deck. Water causes wood to swell, and when it dries, the shrinkage can lead to the wood becoming uneven and dull. Older decks can quickly become unsightly, and many people stop enjoying their outdoor living spaces. Your deck does not have to suffer this fate; thankfully, it can be restored.

Deck Resurfacing: Spruce Up Your Deck's Appeal with a Beautiful Hardwood Finish

Restore Your Deck With Resurfacing

Arbutus Sundecks offers a complete restoration and resurfacing service to Vancouver deck owners that wish to revive the beauty of their wood deck. This resurfacing technique will add years of life to your deck and allow it to become a focal point of outdoor enjoyment once more.

Resurfacing techniques will vary for each deck, but in most cases, the resurfacing will include a deep cleaning, sanding to make the deck smooth again and bring out the beauty of the wood, and a sealant / waterproofing treatment.

Some decks are so far gone that the only option is to remove the old deck and install a new deck surface. There are a variety of options available, Hardwood Decking has recently become a very popular choice.

Restoration Also Can Improve Deck Safety

During the restoration and resurfacing evaluation, your deck will be checked for safety issues. This may include loose railings, decaying fittings, or signs of wood rot that could harm the integrity of the deck.

The large amount of rain that Vancouver receives each year can lead to wood rot on wood decks that have lost their waterproof properties. Your deck could experience wood loss from this type of rot, and it could make the deck unsafe for use. During the restoration project, the wood will be thoroughly checked to make sure that there are no signs of brown, white, or soft rot in the wood.

Wood Restoration Increases Value Of Your Home

Resurfacing your old deck will not only improve your enjoyment of your deck area, it will also add value to your home. This is especially important for home owners that are interested in selling their homes. A newly resurfaced deck will be eye appealing to potential buyers, and you will be able to increase the asking price on your home.

Hardwood Decking

A well-maintained deck also gives potential buyers a visual confirmation of how well you maintain your home. These visual impressions are always important for a profitable home sale. Additionally, buyers will be pleased with the fact that they will not have to restore or replace the deck soon after investing into a home.

If you are ready to revive your wood deck and restore it to its natural beauty, then it is time to contact Arbutus Sundecks. A free consultation and evaluation will be provided, and you will discover how cost-effective and easy it is to bring your deck back to life. You will be pleased when you see the final results and you will again be able to enjoy your outdoor living area.

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