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Refinishing a Hardwood Deck:

This deck is a IPE Hardwood decking that was installed only one year ago, the contractor that originally did the decking obviously had little to no experience working with Hardwoods. The decking was not properly fastened to the deck framing, this resulted in the boards cupping and warping. Furthermore the deck boards were treated with a common stain, this will not work on Hardwoods. The property of hardwoods being so dense that the average stain cannot properly penetrate the wood. Within two months of the Hardwood decking being finished the stain washed right off leaving a very unattractive deck.

Harwood Decking RepairDeck Sanding

To repair the cupping of the deck boards we used a drum sander in combination with random orbital sanders to level the boards out and prepare it for the next step of cleaning it with a special anti-mildewcide cleaner and a wood whitener to equal the PH levels. After that is done its critical to measure the moisture content of the hardwood decking before applying the finished oils.

Applying the Hardwood Decking Oil

Oiling the deckThe oil that we use is specially formulated for Hardwoods. The viscosity is very low, this allows the oil to properly penetrate the hardwood. When applying there are a few very important things to do, one is when the oil is rolled on you have to follow behind with rags to wipe off the excess after about fifteen minutes. Its also important that its applied in such a manner that you don’t get overlapping stain marks. After years of doing this we have it down to a exact science and we take into account such things as the temperature and sun exposure.



The Finished Hardwood DeckFinished Deck Repair

We had to apply two coats of the oil in order to get a consistent finish on the deck, when doing this special care needs to be taken to not over oil the hardwood, when this occurs it will be blotchy and sticky a definite undesirable end result.








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